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Toko waxmouse iron

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I have recently started using the above, and on a recent ski trip it was excellent ( no mess in the hotel room). I have already worked out that you can extend the life of the waxed sheets by dripping more wax onto them and then reusing. However does anyone know if it is ok to use without the waxed sheets or is it too hot without them?
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I have used a wax mouse without the sheets using standard Toko wax for about 3 years. Only problem has been the old wax tends to stick the clip that holds the wax sheets in. Wax sticks are cheaper then the sheets and you can leave a thick layer at season end, plus use different temp waxes. It seems to be set at the right temp.

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Thanks Bergerac. I'll give it a go tonight.

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I use the waxmouse without the sheets, no problem.
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Same here - long used a waxmouse on the road with regular sticks of wax, good results and much cheaper (and a wider variety of wax choices than in their sheets).
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I've read that you can also rub, drip wax onto the sheets, and re-use. This apparently helps prevent "icing the cake" all over your sidewalls.

Good luck
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