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I must admit I found some humor when my buddy announced he had 1/2 of a golfball growing out of the top of his foot after skiing with new boots on a trip to Utah.

It was funny... until I ended up with a considerable "growth" out beyond my pinkie tow after 10 days skiing with new boots (Nordica Beasts). I believe women over 60 may refer to the growth as a bunyon?

Doe anyone know if such rather spontaneous appearance of bone like protrusions can indeed be caused by ski boots? And if so, does anyone know if anything can be done about them beyond having an MD take a power planer to the offending protrusion?

I have planned on taking the boots to a bootfitter before the season begins.

I posted a similar thread in the gear section thinking it may be 100% a boot problem. I apologize for the possibly innapropriate double post.

I appreciate any info you might have.