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Originally Posted by L7
The Atomics M series are worth a go too and may offer more mid foot room which it looks like you need some.
I went to a few more shops today and finally pulled the trigger on a boot.

I went with the 2006 Atomic M 10 in a 26.5 shell.

It fits my foot really well without crushing my toes and with my custom footbed they are very snug but not painful.

I need to go back in so they can adjust my footbeds to the new liners, adjust the cuff angle, and heat them for me.

I really trust the shop for boot fitting so I think I made a good decision.

They were also on sale for like $489 so that helped.

I tried various narrow and race fit boots and my foot is not shaped well for them.

Thanks for all the replies.
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have fun on them!
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I can't wait to get out on them.

It will be nice to have boots that actually fit well.
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Sweet! Glad to hear it, and I'm looking forward to hearing how they ski for you!
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Congrats, sounds like it's all working out and should make quite a difference for you and your skiing.
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Does anyone have any info on the Atomic M10's lateral stiffness?

They felt pretty solid side to side and I think their forward flex is fine for me.

I have been reading that they softened up the sole of the boot by using softer plastic so they are easier to walk and hike in.

I wonder what affect, if any, that has on the boot's responsiveness.

I am not a racer so I doubt any of this will negatively affect my skiing but I just like to know the technology behind what I own.

They feel like they will be sweet in bumps and soft conditions as well as the groomers.
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I have more than a full size difference between my right and left foot 9.5 to just over 8.0, mangled the right pretty badly in an accident sone 25 years ago, - was skinng Salomon Scream in a 27 but the liner packed out badly on both boots - resized down in an Atomic CR10 to a 25 shell size - took almost half a season, and some amount of pain to get the left one properly blown out, just kept making small adjustments after each day of skiing - now have a very well fitting boot, good firm contact all round and good comfort - but the boots are not nearly as warm as the Salomon's were - not sure if that's due to the construction of the boot or just the closer fit.
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