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Rossignol Toon 9.9 ???

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Anyone know this ski? From my web searching it looks like a carving ski, with 99 - 62 - 87 sidecut. But there is very little on the web about this ski in English -- mostly Czech, Russian, languages I can't even recognize....

Have an oppty to pick one up cheap in a 177 length - with Rossi FTX 120 bindings and a plate. Seems interesting (at the price) for rock skis. Would use on east coast; I'm 170 lbs intermediate / advanced skier. My regular ski is a Dynastar Autodrive Speed SX 63 in a 170.

Thanks for any info on this.
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They are either a european version of the 1998-1999 Mt. viper or the Energy 9.9 plus.if they have both Dualtec and VAS they are Mt. vipers which were excellent carving skiis.The energy line was more of an intermediate carving ski.
You will often find these at Gart Bros sniagrab sale for 99 bucks.
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Thanks Bill. What exactly are "Dualtec" and "VAS," and how do you tell if the ski includes them? (And if the VAS is removed, is it called a vasectomy?)

One of the Czech websites has this helpful info:
Pro rychlou, agresivní jízdu, dokonale kontrolovanou, ať jsou sněhové podmínky jakékoli. Konstrukce s komplexním Dualtecem a laminátem zaručí pohodlí a vysokou výkonnost vaší jízdy - tedy opravdový zážitek.
So looks like "Dualetecem" is "Dualtec," maybe "vasi" is "VAS," but who knows ... but of course the photo on the web site does not match the actual skis I'm looking at.

Could you distinguish the two models you referred to with a picture of the skis? I can't figure out how to post the picture here, but I could email it if you'd take a look.

Thanks again.
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ts01, I had to laugh at the 'helpful' information offered by the Czech website. 15 years ago I may have been able to translate some of that...falling in love with a young Czech girl did wonders for my interest in that language.

There are a lot others with more information than me (ts - I realise your questions may just be tongue-in-cheek), but anyway: as far as I know, Dualtec was Rossignol's "double technology" construction where they used a sandwich construction and covered it with a cap. VAS was their trademark Vibration Absorption System. On some old straight Rossignols, this involved (if I remember well) some copper wires running through the ski and a patch of some softer material on the topskin. No idea if it worked.
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Try this link for a review in German


I used a pair of Rossignol Toon 10.4 as a rental ski in Tignes for a day about 4 years ago while my Viper 9.9 were being repaired. They were rather soft and very unstable at speed. Seemed ok on soft snow, and turned very easily, but chattered like anything on hard surfaces, seemed to be a low intermediate ski, nothing like the vipers at all.
However they may have been just a worn out rental as they were rather battered.
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I know the rossi toon 10.4, but not the 9.9
They were carvers, and at best an intermediate ski.
The VAS plate was two small pieces of metal just ahead of where the binding was mounted. On those skis, I don't believe they would actually do anything noticeable.
I can't remember what dualtec was. The skis are from at least 4 years ago.
If I can find out more, I'll let you know. My abiding memory of them was that they were so soft, you had to be very careful when mounting the bindings as you could easily ring the threads in the holes.
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Correction on last post...
I looked at that german pdf. I have seen the toon 9.9 before.
It would make a good beginner's ski, or something for a Pocket Rocket skier to progress to. ( )

Seriously, unless you're paying about $50 for them, I wouldn't waste the money. (and that's including $45 for the bindings)

They are brightly coloured, so if you wanted to make furniture out of them, it would be very noticeable, also they would be good for disguising technicolour yawns.

Hope this helps,

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Fox, you got it right, the price WAS $50, local so no shipping, plus a pair of rossi race boots thrown in for another $25, that would have fit someone I need to outfit for the season. But, this one got away, someone beat me to it, so it's on to next week's local swap meet or a seasonal rental if need be.

Hadn't considered the technicolor yawn factor. With that in mind I'll go for one of those newfangled wide skis, to catch the splatter. Sounds like you'd recommend the pocket rockets ...
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