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BC during christmas (ok it's a classic question!)

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Hi everybody, i'll be doing a trip between the 23 of december and the 7 of january...i have read the suggestions of Tony Crocker and will of course include Fernie for 4 or 5 days, i've been to whistler during the tropical punch last year so that's why i'm looking for a region where a backup is possible (my backup last year costed me 350$ for the trip from vancouver to calgary...but it was a good decision since i had 2 fantastic days of powder at lake louise...)
So i'll do if it's possible 1 day at castle but i'm looking for smaller mountains during this busy period and i'd like to know if red mountain and whitewater are good usually during christmas/new eve perdiod (red is steep if i understand well so is the coverage ok at that time?)....it's a hard question i know! but those 2 moutains looks realy cool destination and i would like to try them...
This is my 'hypotetic' trip: (i'm driving from quebec so i'll have a car if it's still alive after 3 days of driving!) 4 first days at whitewater/red moutain, 4 or 5 days at fernie/castle and 4 days between lake louise/sunshine/kicking horse depending of the weather....does is sound good?
Any help greatly appriciated...
N.B. If anybody want infos about Québec City (mont-sainte-anne, stoneham, le massif, massif du sud, mont grand-fonds, i know well all those stations and the region too so just ask!)
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It sounds good, nic.

Last year was not a great snow year, but as a rule fernie and whitewater have good coverage at that time of year. Red is hit- and miss. Sometimes there is great coverage and everything is open, and other times some of the best stuff is still off limits.

But with that combination of hills you have a better chance of having some awesome days than having crappy days.
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I agree, Fernie, WH2O and maybe KH, if they've got snow sounds good.

Ohh, the travel bug's back... Now I want to go back to B.C too!!

I've spent enough time in Fernie, but it would be cool to ski WH2O when there's actually snow! The good days at WH20 were hard to find last year and the deep none existing!
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Head towards Calgary and go south or west depending on the weather. At that time of year, it's hard to say where it will be going off and who will be dry. You're only looking at a maximum of ~6 hours from furthest point to furthest point (Calgary -> Nelson / Golden -> Fernie) with everything else in between, so just storm chase.
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Whitewater was my homehill for years. With avg. snowfall, all of Whitewater should be open by Christmas break. B/C we need so much snow to cover all the rocks, the mountain can be a little sketchy. Last yr was supposedly horrible. I was in thailand, OZ and NZ, so I got lucky and missed a bad season.

Christmas is usually a great time a whitewater, as we usually get decent dumps around that time.

Fernie is a great hill, but I don't like the layout of the chairs. Much like Whitewater but larger. I'd definitely go there though. fyi, whitewater is open for a halfday on christmas day i believe. just incase you want to plan around that.

I have to say that I love castle mountain. Great terrain, quiet hill, and pretty good snow. only problem is, it gets windy sometimes. I went skiing twice when I was in lethbridge two years again. 1`epic day, and 1 great day. Epic day consisted of 150 cm of fresh in 2 days. It was retarded. If anything, just ski where the wind is blowing all the snow to

anymore questions, ask away.

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Thanks Matt, i've planned 3 days in Nelson (25, 26 and 27 of december) so i'll be riding Whitewater and if it's good maybe 1 day at Red(dont't know if it's usualy good at Christmas)....i'm from Québec City and here the resort are small (but often good!) so i wanted to start with something not too big because i'll be with my 12 years old brother who will see the west for the first time....After that i'll go 4 days at Fernie or Castle if there's snow there and i'll be finishing with 3 days at Sunshine/KH/Lake Louise depending of the weather just to show Banff and a big station to my little brother...Idealy i would have waited at last minute to reserve but for Christmas it's not easy to have 'cheap' accomodation secured....
I'm just praying for snow right now!
Bye and thanks again for the infos
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Basing in Nelson is reasonable. Whitewater will likely have more snow, but the much bigger Red Mt. is within commute distance if it gets a good start.

When based in Fernie, you have The Big Mountain as well as Castle as higher altitude backup if weather does not cooperate.
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