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Atomic Varizone system

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What can you share about your experience or knowledge with the "VariZone" feature of the Atomic Race and Xentric bindings? Is it a gimmick, can it really effect skiability of a (Atomic) ski? I know the Race/Xentric 614 has 5 "zones", the 412 and 310 has 3 zones.
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I have owned Atomics with the Variozone binding. I had the one with three positions - front, middle and back. It did make a noticeable difference - the front definitely was quicker turning but also felt less secure. The back felt very secure and invited me to get my weight foward - it made really smooth, swooping turns, but was less agile. I evetually left it on the middle, but if I had to choose front or back, I'd have to go with back. Is it a gimmic? Not entirely, no - it does allow some fine tuning either for preference or to account for different body types [for exammple, women may find the forward setting is most "normal" for them]. However, its greatest value for me was just learning about the affect of binding placement on ski performance. If you have Variozone, cool. If you don't, no problem, as long as you know where you want your binding to be on the ski. As for me, I just want it where the ski manufacturer says to put it, and if I like the ski that way, good, and if I don't, then it's not the ski for me. Anyone else have some thoughts on this? [like I need to ask!]
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I have Xentrix 310 bindings with the 3 position Variozone feature on 180cm '99-'00 BetaRace 9.20's. Only tried moving them away from center once. Agree with Oboe's description. I've left them in the center position ever since - I prefer to vary MY position rather than moving the binding. But I might consider moving to the front position if I were skiing narrow, steep, bumpy trails all day or to the back position in deeper snow. Again, I agree with Oboe: There is a fairly subtle but clearly noticeable difference, but the most interesting part is experiencing how moving the binding forward or back just one-quarter inch or so affects how the ski reacts.

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See my review at www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=001440
and comments from others at www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=002163 and www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=002379 Hope this helps.

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I have the 412's on atomic 11.20s.

The varizone does exactly what it claims to to. If you slide 'em forward for the steep and narrow stuff, they help you turn on a dime. Slide 'em back for the GS groomer runs or for the powder days and you make the nice wide turns. Stick them on the middle setting and you're good for all mountain skiing.

The Varizone definitely ain't a gimmick. These Atomics rock! Have fun out there!
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Definitely NOT a gimmick
I have the Xentrick 412 on race 920's
The difference between the front pos. and the back is big.
Like Mike said the back pos. is for bigger turns, the mid. for medium turns, and the front is for cranking aggressive short turns.

I've been leaving them on the front pos. because the ski just feels more responsive there, besides its just way more fun!

Try all three you'll figure it out.
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