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Good deal?

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My local shop's starting their year end blowout.
I want to pick up a fat ski, for western pow, and off piste. Pickins are pretty slim, not much demand here in NY.

Only thing that fits the bill is a 02/03 K2 Axis XP 174 cm., which according to Gonzo is the ski of the gods

I'm into it, but here's the prob., it's been drilled once for a customer who changed their mind, and the binding won't accommodate my boot.

Their offer, remove the binding, re-mount a Tyrolia railflex LD12, and gimme the whole shebang for $420.

I know the price is good, any real con's?

Another option is a Volkl 7 24 in 170 cm. w/binding for $400. I'm just not wild about the mounting rails on that model.

Opinions, por favor?
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yeah -- that's a very good deal. the proform on an XP without bindings is ~400, and as long as the shop doesnt drill too close, the previous mounting is completely unimportant. go for it.
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I agree, it's a good price for the XP. Have you skied the XP? IMO, it's one of the best crud skis out there and has pretty good edge hold for a 78mm waisted ski.

Here's the reason I don't own this ski: NO energy at all, in my experience. I like a ski with some pop and this ski is too damp to provide the energy I like in a ski. I read in another thread, I believe, how much you liked how the Pocket Rockets skied and IMO, this ski is the anti-thesis of that ski.

Don't get me wrong, I think the XP is a much better ski that many other choices in it's class and in terms of stability at speed, power, and edgehold it's hard to beat. If you want a ski in this class that has it all, try the Dynastar Legend 8000. But...you sure won't touch one for $420 with bindings.
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IMO fat skis don't start being fat until your above 80mm waist. If you want a good fat ski, a lot of shop tech's who ski Atomic and Volkl have Pocket Rockets for when the powder hits.
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Hmm, that did occur to me because I'd heard about the ski being on the damp side. Then Gonzo usually storms the thread and tells everyone they're just not skiing it right.

I do like the pocket rocket, but the shop doesn't have any. I generally wouldn't buy a ski I haven't ridden, but at the price, it's hard to turn down.

Another option is a K2 public enemy with the railflex LD10 for $340. 80mm waist, and a twin tip, might be a pretty versatile setup.

I've tried in vain to buy a pair of straight up pow planks from the board here, but every deal I'm interested in always ends up with a song and a dance.

I'm so confused!
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xdog, If your going to pass on those skis send me the phone number of that shop. I wonder if they have a Look or Rossi binding they could mount on it?
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Actually, they didn't even want to sell me the skis cuz they've been drilled once, I doubt they'll wanna ship them across the country to someone they don't know.

I have decided to pass on them though, I found a deal on some brand new Public Enemies for under $200.

I think I'll have more fun on these, will report.
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Right choice! I also needed new "fat midfats" recently. I checked Salis xtra hot, K2 XP. And liked them both. Occasionally I demoed
Public Enemy 2005(the same as 2004) and bought
them in 179(5'11'', 170).
They perform just excellent at any conditions(After skiing yesterday at Mt. Baker, WA in heavy
rain I can say ANY [img]smile.gif[/img] )
Definitely #1 in ratio satisfaction/price.
btw, i'd suggest to mount on them Salis 912ti
originally designed for PR.
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