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Help with .... Escape 5500, Volant Vertex 68, K2 T:9 Flight

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Hello to everyone [img]smile.gif[/img] I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me in picking out a new pair of skis. So far I've read through ski buyers guides and everything i can find on the internet (this site is great) but I am unable to demo any of the skis (hills aren't open here yet). I am moving to BC and will be skiing around 5xs a week at Panorama and with regular trips to Fernie, Red Mtn, Kicking Horse, etc. My "specs" are female, 5'8" and 140, strong intermidate/advanced skier and am looking to improve. Oh I guess this is important too... I like to ski groomers, glades, powder .. so I was thinking an all-mountain ski would be best. Price is a concern, however I am willing to spend a little extra to get a better ski in the long run. (Also, after this ski season I will mostly be skiing in Quebec, Maine, NH so I don't really want to "limit" myself to a ski that performs great out west but not on eastern snow) Are you still with me? -this is getting reallly long [img]smile.gif[/img]
So the skis that i've found to be best reviewed are:

1.)Escape 5500 (relatively cheap,intermediate,all-mountain ski-although the sales people i have talked to all tell me this is a "beginner" ski)

2.)Volant Vertex 68 (more expensive - i've been quoted $800 Cdn with bindings and plate... leaning towards this ski if i can raise the funds... is the extra money for this ski worth it for my level of skiing?

3.)K2 T:Nine Flight (cheaper like the Escape- $615Cdn. with bindings) But i am a little apprehensive about purchasing this ski... I was recommended this ski by the salesperson who said the Escape 5500 was no good b/c i will "outgrow" it, however during my research I read where the Flight is the female equivilant of the Escape... so that confused me : ?? Also I was thinking of the T:Nine X which would be the exact same price as the Volant Vertex 68.

If you are still reading this thank you for your time and any info that you could provide would be much appreciated. I thank you in advance [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Smac
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Welcome. I am no help. But thought I would offer a welcome shout.

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Welcome, smac! Sounds like you're going to cover a lot of skiing. You'll be receiving some advice soon from folks who know about this stuff. Stay tuned!
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Hi everyone ... thank you for the welcomes [img]smile.gif[/img]

I just thought of one other ski that I forgot to ask about- Elan Mantis 10.0 .... does anyone know how this compares to the other skis ?? (Escape 5500,Volant Vertex 68, K2 T:9 Flight) Thank you, Smac [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Check one step up from the 5500 to the Axis. More stable for off-piste. My buddy skied both of them last year abd bought the Axis as it was better in deeper snow.
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The Axis [no X] is a great ski, especially in ungroomed snow. However, the 5500 is based on the footprint of the Axis X, not the Axis [no X]. The 5500 is like the Axis X in shape but has less "stuff" in it, so it's more flexible. I've skied them both. The 5500 is a great buy for anyone skiing slower than very fast, and it is NOT a "beginner's ski" - SHAME on that sales person for saying that!
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The 5500 is the most popular ski ever made. It is a great ski for anyone who wants an easy turning, versatile ski that won't break the bank. It performs well without constant tuning. (We can't say that about a lot of skis. Out of the box they ski well, out of tune they ski horribly.)

"Designed for intermediates destined to become experts," or so it says in the tech manual. It has a 17 mm. sidecut, which is pretty turny. "A non-critical and very forgiving ski promoting rapid advancement."

Comes in lengths 153 to 188.

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Just wanted to thank everyone for the info. It's much appreciated. A note on the K2 axis... a little out of my price range i think. I am now pretty much decided on the Volant Vertex 68 ... we will see though. I'll be sure to post my decision... i don't want to keep anyone in suspense.. smac
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Welcome, smac! Just came back from purchasing the Vertex 68. Demoed the 66 this past weekend, but the "shop boys" said the 68 will be a bit better for my trips out west. Good luck!
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