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AC4 Vs Metron B5 - Page 2

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Originally Posted by ssh
Phil, we all know why you're skipping the West this year: my b5s!
Uh..yeah..THAT's why...Mean ole SSH and his scaaaary B5's :
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Interesting thread with many differing opinions. For my style of skiing (I guess you'd call it modern technique applied all over the mountain) the B5 is a perfect fit. They are certainly at home with an SL turn shape, but with a bit of practice they'll do just about anything. Are they heavy? Sure when you pick them up. But once they are on and I'm skiing I don't notice the extra weight at all (I should note that I do feel the weight on the chairlift and prefer to have the bar down so I can put them on the foot rest). I love the B5s and its hard to imagine anything better for any all mountain condition other than deep powder (I'll be getting the Head IM88 for just those conditions).
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