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Drilling Skis. (for bindings)

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Does drilling a ski more than once weaken it significantly or cause other problems that could affect the ski's performance?

The reason I'm asking is because I'm planning on buying some skis, possibly used, and many have been (or will be if I buy them) drilled more than once.

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As long as the old holes are properly sealed, and the new holes are at least one CM away from the old holes, you will be fine.
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As long as the new holes are a reasonable distance from the old holes, you'll be OK. Most ski/binding manufacturers feel 5mm between holes is a good rule of thumb. I wouldn't drill a ski more than 3 times. Make sure work of this nature is performed by a tech that's done it before.
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3 times in the rule of thumb. 6 times for rock skis .
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what would one seal the holes with?
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There are some aspects to consider:

(i) the ski construction
A ski with titanal upper sheet would probably survive more holes

(ii) the use of the ski
A ski used on groomers takes much less stress than in bumps or in similar conditions

(iii) the location of the holes
Holes weakening the ski in most critical parts (ends of the plate or toe/heel of the binding) are worse than those in the middle under the boot sole. Holes accumulated there with only around the minimum distance from each other may be critical.

Sometimes it´s surprising how many holes a ski can take. I tested various plates on a pair of skis for a Czech manufactuter. The skis finally had almost 40 holes each and I had to use a sophisticated systems of marks indicating which holes belonged to a particular plate.
The ski finally for some unexpected reasons even took part in an international ski test in a short skis category (was 138cm long) and got the highest 5 stars evaluation - riddled as described...
(The skis were very stiff and the holes even might have helped them to flex better.... As a method not to be recommended, though.)

There are special plastic plugs to fill the holes with, preferably used with some glue. For skis with wooden core wood plugs with epoxy could be even better. The glue also prevents water getting inside.
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related question: what about re-using existing holes? in a foam-core dynastar ski with an autodrive plate, if that makes any difference.
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If the thread is good there´s no problem.
Dynastars with the Autodrive plate were upper-level skis with Multicell cores, i.e. no inferior quality foam.
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