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salomon 1080

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Hey guys,

Im looking into some new ski's for this season, and I have a question regarding the salomon 1080's. I was looking at the 04-05 1080, which are pretty much all white. But then I came across the 1080 mogul, orange with moguls written across the back of them, I guess those are the 03 model? My question is would you recommend the newer 1080 or the 1080 mogul. Im having a hard time deciding because I hear the 1080's are park skis, and while I do a little park skiing, I spend 90% of the time on the moguls. Or should I get the 1080 moguls which are mogul specific, I assume?
Thanks for your help,
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Double post
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I wouldn't recommend the 1080 Mogul to anyone except people that ski moguls competitively. It is designed for that style of skiing and not much else. The newer 1080 is not just a park ski. It is a fun all-around ski as long as you don't ski much ice or at mach speed (though my son skis mach speeds on his.) It is a good ski in the moguls.
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sorry about the double post.
Thanks for your help though!
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Do a search on 1080s, lots of threads on this one.
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