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G3 vs. beta ride 11.20??

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Hey all, I think I've narrowed my search down to the vertigo G3 and the beta ride 11.20. I'm 5'8", 210 lbs., and live in upstate NY, so I spend lots of my time in the East, however every year I take a trip out west, and want a ski that can handle deep powder and crud. I'm an aggressive skier, when I'm out west i'm looking for steeps primarily, and back home I ski a lot of bumps and like to lay down huge high-speed arcs. so.....which ski is better for me? And what length do I want it in? I was thinking 177 for the g3's, not sure about the atomics.

Thanks for any input you can give.
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Isn't 177 a bit short for your weight?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by John J:
Isn't 177 a bit short for your weight?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I dunno, thats part of what I am trying to figure out. Do I want it longer? what are the advantages/disadvantages?
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I imagine that a 177 would be more manageable in bumps but could get funny on the fast. I suspect that the G3/184 is probably a "catch-all" size that serves many. Hopefully you'll hear about the Atomic, I know nothing about their line. I see the choices for the 11.20 are 180 and 190cms. I've noticed neither ski elicited raves in bumps.
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I skied both of these on the same day at Squaw last March. The G3 at 184 cm was way too short for me at 165 lbs. Since I don't think it is designed to be skied longer at my weight, it must not be the ski for me. The 11.20 at 180 cm seemed stiffer and higher performing. I disagree with all others as I thought last years 10.20 with the Ti cap was higher performing (so beware of my opinion). As with all Atomics, I always want a 185. Both skis were fine in the bumps (for midfats). I did not get a chance to try on hard snow. I was going to buy the 11.20 but came across the G31 at 188cm in Sept (still in plastic!). These two skis should be plenty available for demo with mid-late season deals (lots of people with no jobs this year). good luck.
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I've just bought some 11.20s in 180cm and also looked at a number of skis including the G3s. (I am 175lb, 6'3") I have also "ummmed and ahhhed" over length and model and worked out that the G3 is a slightly softer ski and so needs the extra length - not less than 184 - for higher speed stability. The 11.20 seems OK for me in a 180 (190 is not as versatile in such a stiff ski). There is always a bit of a compromise between performance in deep snow and moguls so if I went for a 190 I might float well in fluffy stuff but suffer on the bumps. Also the 11.20 seems better for faster aggresive skiers (even when slightly shorter), the G3 for cruisers.
You really need to try them out before you buy if possible.

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I must agree with John J that a 177 in the G3 is really short for your weight. I skied the G30 in a 193 and was fine with it except in the really tight spots. I enjoyed the 10.20 from last year quite a bit. I skied it in the 190 and found it powerful and stable. I did have the feeling that the 180 size would be better. I think that performance is very similar for both skis. Cost might be a consideration though. A G3 is cheaper than an 11.20, which also will only take an Atomic Binding. The G3 gives you more ways to save a buck...plus it has a flared tail, so you can land fakie in the park!
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