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Ryan... This Bomb's For You.

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I know you have an ongoing interest in ski area avalanche ordnance.

I was hiking up the east ridge of Rendezvous Mountain yesterday on my way to the top of the tram when I ran across this unexploded avalanche projectile:

It was lying in the weeds along the eastern edge of Tensleep Bowl below the top of the tram, in the part of the bowl that is outside the ski area boundary. For any of you who have hiked the Headwall from the out of bounds gate in the Cirque, this area is just over the cliffs that would be on your left as you're hiking up to the Headwall.

This bomb is very old and most likely completely harmless, but I sure wasn't going to pick it up and bring it home. :

I marked it with some tree limbs and then reported it to the ski patrol. They'll go find it and blow it up.

Interesting little addition to a late-summer hike.
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Glad you didn't touch it bob. I have EOD experience and most often it is the very old shit that is found that blows some kids leg off. But it looks like it was there for some time buried in the dirt. Seems water runoff has uncovered it. Did you get a chance to see what kind of markings were on it?
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From your photo, it looks to be an unexploded portion of an Avalauncher round. Most likely, the round broke up upon impact and the blasting cap failed to detonate. The dark material to the bottom of the tail fin is the compound PETN.

Hard to tell how inert this shot is, best to destroy it in place. Good eyes Bob.
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The blue is close to the color of Ryan's legendary stretch pants (which I'm very envious of.)
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now that's groundscore.

thanks, bob. me likey.

and thank you soooooooooo much, rio.
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I would say there is a 97% chance that it could explode.
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ooooooooh, ryan's pants..........ooooooooh........
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Unexploded ordinance can be very dangerous. I'll tell you if I was on Ski Patrol I wouldn't tocuh it. Good thing you weren't hurt.
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I would stay well away from that. Could you see the blasting cap on the end of it? Dont matter how old it is. If it is unexploded it could explode still at any time ! I wouldnt even wabt to disturb the soil around it !!!
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huckingfellers and SkiStarr:

That's exactly why I didn't touch it or disturb anything. I placed a few dead pine branches in a pyramid above it, took some photos to identify the spot, and then informed the ski patrol when I got to the bottom of the mountain.

All is well.
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Isn't Phil supposed to be the guy that comes in with the "on-the-spot-statistic?"
I can't speak for him, but I'd go with a 95.764% of explosion...
Good find... good thing you watch your step.
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I heard from the tram operator that some people skiing Pipeline in the postseason at the 'Bird were encountering sharp shrapnel from ordinance cases sticking out of the snow. Nothing like a few sharp pieces of brass sticking out from the snow surface to make skiing a 45 degree chute with narrow rock walls just a bit spicier.

Glad you were OK. Nothing like finding a bomb on a casual hike in the mountains. :
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