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Originally Posted by mkevenson
Well that's a good question. I guess that I would have to say that it has something to do with the upbringing and European thinking. Afterall when I was a kid in the early 50s There were differnt values that were taught than today. I don't mind marrige, just the divorces are a drag. Hope that I don't have any more, as does my wife. Maybe we (I) have learned how to live.
I hear that! There is way different thinking than there used to be. Much much less respect than thier used to be. Especially for your elders! But I am married and often wonder if we are gonna make it. Now my wiff is pregnant and I am praying that it is a boy so I can have a little Hucker , LOL
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Originally Posted by BigE
Joseph is correct.

Remember, if it's costing you money, it's costing her money. And if that is what she wants, she'll end it quick -- it's to your benefit to drag it out.....

If she wants to watch you squirm, she'll take her time. Just don't squirm. She'll get bored and stop fooling around.

In either case, I'd consider suing her for cruelty and ask for her half as compensation.
Her half as compensation would be very cool , eh! But can you sue for that.
"Get rich teh American way, SUE,!" I hear that alot in the last few years. Definately don't squirm, they love that. Especially my wife and so far no divorce in our future. Some women are very cruel creatures.
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Another thing to consider is to put yourself in her shoes. Ask the all important question "What is her motivation" for playing hardball with you? You need to be ultra-honest with yourself. The simplistic answer, "because she is a b*tch", won't cut it.

Might she be playing hardball because she doesn't have the cash to buy you out? Might she feel more entitled to the house than you? If so, why? Else, she might simply be really p*ssed because you have done some things for which she cannot forgive, and she is simply trying to hurt you?

There's got to be a motivation for doing what she is doing. What is it? The sooner you understand what makes her tick, the easier you have in devising a good strategy to protect yourself.
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Tell her you'll take the house in exchange for giving her a $1 million life insurance policy on your ass. I bet she'll bite.
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posted by josseph:
There's got to be a motivation for doing what she is doing. What is it? The sooner you understand what makes her tick, the easier you have in devising a good strategy to protect yourself.
With all respect, Josseph, there does NOT have to be any motivation. Some women just think they deserve to have it all. That's sometimes all the motivation they need.

If you can't figure out what makes a specific woman tick after being married any length of time, you're not going to do it now when you're in this kind of shit.
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Bonni is correct-

I have seen this often enough to say that one party can act totally irrationally- there is no logic other than F.U.- I know a women who gave away nearly $250k in lawyers (money she really could use now) simply to make him squirm and "get back"- to this day none of us (the women's ex-freinds) understand it.

the lawyers love this type of dispute-
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Many attorneys who handle domestic relations do not love
these types of disputes. Divorces are financial transactions
between two parties. I have handled many divorces and
have seen all types of vengeful spouses who were more than
willing to pay me to fight their battles. I have sat in a room with
people and gone through their possessions one item at a time
to determine who gets what piece of crap. One of the most bitterly
fought battles between 2 spouses was over a collection of porno
videos. Go figure. It takes alot of energy to be mean.
Most people can't sustain that level of energy
and get sick of paying attorneys for insignificant fighting.

Divorce is hurtful and emotional for both parties. Many spouses
want to hurt the other party as much as they hurt and determine
that financially is the best way of doing it. Many spouses don't want
the house, the car or the porno videos, they simply don't want the other spouse to have it. It seems like in many divorces, both parties reach a point where the hurt and emotions give way to the desire to move on with their lives. Hopefully, this will happen in this case.
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Without hearing the other side of the story I would certainly decline to assume that the side I'm hearing is the true and whole story.
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Want to hear the dirt, eh Harry.
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TJBRk, I just read the thread on Tremblant-Insider.com and I am completely horrified! It still amazes me that the image of the divorced woman as victim still prevails in our culture, when this sort of nonsense goes on all the time. There are women in Summit County who lives quite comfortably off their husband's alimony, and would never dream of getting a real job. To afford to live here without working, it had to be a pretty damn good settlement.

I wish I had advice to give you. From the PMs we've exchanged, I know that you are a lovely person. I hope it all works out for you!
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Every I thank you very much for your reply's. I know I really shouldn't be taking about this on the net. But our friends here are mostly her friends now because of the Quebecouis bonding principle, and I don't even want to go there with them. Thanks for listening. It means alot.
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Sorry to hear of your dilemna TJ. I do think the advise given to go on the offensive was pretty good advise. I went through a divorce situation some years back and I felt totally intimidated. My ex had one of those female sharks that loves to intimidate upset husbands. A friend told me what I needed was the meanest female lawyer I could find(notice I didn't say best, but operably MEAN). I found one that really wanted to chew her rear off in court and then sell the meat! ....After a couple of extended calls between lawyers, my ex called and agreed to my terms on an uncontested divorce!

I look back at how I thought I would be ruined, and am still amazed that a truly mean female lawyer intimidated them into seeing it my way(I do think I was in the right though).

...So, my only advise is to hang in there, and make sure you show the most aggression.

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I do have one heck of an aggressive female attorney now. Thank god ::
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