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Considering a trip to PCMR

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The wife and I are considering a trip 12/9 - 12/13 to PCMR. In researching for lodging, I kinda got overwhelmed. I'm looking for advice in the following areas.
1. From SLC, would you recommend a rental car or free shuttle (why).
2. name/location of a 1BR hotel or condo with hot tub (must be near bus stop if no rental car). Probably in the neighborhood of 100-150/ night. Maybe more if no rental car.
3. Tell me about the non-ski activities such as shopping in Park city just in case the wife decides to shop a day while I ski.
4. snowfall averages/coverage
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1) You can easily get around the PC area (and to all three resorts) without a car. There is a free bus system that provides very frequent service to all areas in and outside of town. A lot of people that visit end up parking their rental cars for most of the week and just using the bus system. The only reason I would get a car is if you plan on skiing other resorts in the BCC/LCC area (see discussion below about early December conditions). You can catch an airport shuttle to PC for a pretty decent price ($20-30 each way).

2) In early December, before the holiday rush arrives, just about anywhere has good rates on lodging. Check with the bigger lodging companies (East-West, Premier...). It won't be hard to get something on the bus line.

3) Plentiful shopping is available in old town, Prospector and the Outlets. All have bus service. You will find many choices, from high end art galleries, to T-shirt shops.

4) Snow conditions that time of year are a crap shoot. I've seen anything from bare slopes (except of the snowmaking runs) to mid winter snow. All PC resorts have extensive snowmaking, and by then they will be in high gear in anticipation for the holiday crowds, so even when there isn't much natural, you can expect ~50% open by then. You can always go to LCC/BCC where the conditions can be quite good that time of year. Caveat: those areas are a LOT more rocky and require greater snow depth to cover the best slopes, so if there is little natural snow, the manmade augmented slopes of PC may actually be better.

Have fun!
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Given your dates you may want to wait and see what the weather does. For lodging look at www.davidhollands.com. Ask about AAA discounts. We stayed at the Lodge at Mountain Village and had a great time. You do not need a car. Take the shuttle and save the money and trouble. If you want to try Snowbird or Alta there are shuttles that pick you up and get your lift ticket for you. Have fun.
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Don't forget, you can rent all your equipment at the airport near the baggege carosals.. walk across the street to the car rentals,, or catch a shuttle up to PC.
Just dont limit yourself to skiing PCMR, your in Utah, ski as many resorts as you can
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My family and I stayed in a new condo on the back side of Deer Valley in late december this past year. One of the nicest places we have stayed and although close to everything because it is on the back side of DV it is quite remote. Only 3 - 5 minutes from the DV gondola. Try www.utah-mountain-condo.com. We rented a car - only 40 minute easy drive from SLC airport. Good luck and happy skiing.
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I've stayed at the bed and breakfast named The Washington School Inn. It's conveniently located to the downtown without having any noisy traffic. Breakfasts are good and you can walk to the lifts. My only complaint was that the room could have been bigger. But, I prefer B&B's way over hotels.
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Try looking on VRBO.com, vacation rentals by owner. We went last year, rented a 1 BR condo at the Canyons for about $1,000 for the week, way better deal than the local hotels given that we had a kitchen, living room, and his and hers bathrooms.

We did not like the bus system, the waits were sometimes long (1/2 hour, in the snow, at night, when you're dressed to go out in Park City to a nice restaurant for dinner, is not fun in March), and the routes weren't all that easy to figure out. I'd say rent a car if you plan on doing some traveling. If you're content to stay at a resort and not go into Park City at night for dinner, the shuttle would be fine.

Ski Alta!
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rental car

you said it ICE Queen - if you are travelling with spouse and/or kids - it always makes sense to rent a car. I just hate having to wait with kids for buses - especially on a cold winter night after a nice meal. There was this one night in Vail last december - the temp at 730pm when we stepped out of
the hotel was 1F !!!!!
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Last winter all of the Park City area resorts (Deer Valley, Canyons, PCMR) offered free lift tickets on the day of your arrival flight if you showed them your boarding pass. From what I hear they're planning on doing it again this winter. The Christmas/New Years holidays are black out (of course), but you should still be able to catch the deal on 12/09 when you're planning on arriving.

You need to register with parkcityinfo.com prior to coming, so be sure to check out the website:
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Thanks for the info! Just printed out my redemption voucher for Feb. 2.
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