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Twin tips for pipe and all mtn? G-dubs

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What would be a good ski for halfpipe and all mountain use. I am an ex-racer, so I want a ski that can go fast without wobbling etc. No wussy skis for me.
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I have been on the 1080's for the past two years and have been very happy with them. The are great in the pipe and the park and work very well as an all mountain ski. They handle speed fairly well untile you get going very fast (Staitlining long blacks), but then I am comparing them to my 198 P40's whick I haven't found a top speed for yet. The only other complaint about them is in the deep pow, which they tend to sink. But I am again biased in this as I am comparing them to XXX's which I ride on the powder days. Over all I am very happy with them and spend most of my days on them. They are very versitile and a lot of fun. If you want a little better all mountain ski I would try the K2 Enemy which is a little longer and beefer so it will handle speed a little better. I would also try the dynastar candid pro model. I have not had a chance to ski these yet but from everyone that has it sounds that they are a great ski. They are a little narrower than most twins but they are also stiffer. Hope this helps.
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Yea I used to ride 1080's and they tend to be a little wobbly at high speed and they don't carve well. And as mentioned, in more than a couple inches of powder you really have to work them. However they are a lot of fun, but don't come any bigger than a 177 limiting your all mountain versatility, especially if you are a big guy. Now I ride the Volkl V's and they are sweet all mountain twin tips. They float well in powder, hold up at speed, carve nicely, and work suprisingly well in the bumps. The only porblem is they're a bit heavy in the park so you can't spin them as fast as 1080's or 1260's or other park specific skis. One of the best things about them is they will stomp a big landing onto hardpack, powder, whatever with no problem. With the 1080's being so soft it was harder to land big airs without a perfectly groomed jump. If you did land it they tended to wobble a little too much. I have demoed the Enemy's briefly, and like them as well and found them comprable to the V's. However I have heard of durability problems with Enemy's delaming frequently while the V's seem almost unbreakable. The Candide come in 180, and I have heard they are an awesome ski too although I've never tried them.
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What's the longest they make those skis in?
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Volkl V=178
K2 Enemy=183
Dynastar Candide=180

I think any of those would work unless you are a huge guy because you generally go shorter in twin tips.
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g-dubs, you should try out the Volant McTs.

They are a crazy all-mountain twin. I tried them this year and fell in love. They handle anything. I was on a 185 and found it OK in the park too. Give them a shot when you get a chance; I'd like to hear what you think.


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