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Warning: if you are in the market for Snakeskins or Alpine Trekkers and plan to attend the Schweitzer ski swap later this fall, read no further.

Originally Posted by Jonathan Shefftz
No, anything but that suffer-fest combo!
Agreed. I went the Trekker/Snakeskin route as a transition between alpine and AT, and it was a bad choice. I still have the Trekkers and Snakeskins but am getting rid of them at the local ski swap this fall.

I fould it hard to keep up with more lightly equipped ski partners, and that was discouraging. Above all, avoid Snakeskins. They are worthless. Snow gets between the skin and the ski, and you have to stop multiple times on the ascent to clean that snow out.

If at all possible, bite the bullet and get some real AT binders right out of the chute.
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hi - I primarily ski Whistler and Selkirks bc and Im 5' 11" 165lbs.

The Rex's at 191 are too long. They are a good deal but they'll work you. Skiing in Wells Gray and Shuswap you'll run into tight trees and will hate life.

The G4s are NOT a good ski for bc powder. Heavy (whatever, -you can get stronger) but just too stiff.

DO NOT go with Alpine trekkers - you'll be wasting the 180 bux which you could instead put towards decent AT bindings.

As for boots - you can use your downhill boots for now. FYI - there are Saloman dh boots with walk mode if you want to get cheaper.

I'll reply to your other thread about getting experience too
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You also asked about:

sidecut - it won't matter that much. It's the same factor in the bc as in groomed. More sidecut; easier to turn and vice versa.

and width - same as for groomed; floatier if wider.

as for skinning; that's a skill you'll learn too. THere's a teletips thread about efficient skinning. Look it up on www.telemarktips.com. There's also a couloirmag.com thread on the same subject. You'll have to figure out what style works for you.

As for getting used AT binders. Thats fine. I know what to look for in Fritschis but have no idea about dynafits or silvrettas. if you;re looking for fritschis then reply and I'll post something up - otherwise I wont bother.

As for cheap semi-fat skis; the list you posted up is good. Look at gear swaps in Sun Peaks or in whistler.

North Shore Sports Swap in north Van ships skis and has Kneissl Tankers - 93mm waist for $ 300 - they're new so you can call and get them shipped out to you.
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...another choice..

I grabbed some short(168) Elan M666s this last summer off of eBay....I had demoed them with bindings back in March...enjoyed em', but am really looking forward to them with Freerides on em'. The 76mm waist will be fine for my first winter AT'ing it.
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I just got my back counry set up last season. I mounted Freerides on a pair of Volant fat bastards. The ski performs well, but it is very heavy. I just got a cheap pair of last years Pocket Rockets, which are about the same fatness but a zillion times lighter. My Freerides will go on the PR's and the FB's are availble - cheap!

While I think I will like the PR's, I don't necessarily need such a fat ski and may slim down nest year. I am 6', 225lbs and ski on 175's. I much prefer the shorter length for maneuverability. Given a choice I will take manueverability and light weight over stability every time. And that is for both on and off piste.
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