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I rented a "demo" pair of SkiCross 70s for my son over the weekend and he really liked them - better, he thinks, than anything he previously skied on. They easily carved different sized turns, felt good at any speed, and seemed to work equally well on groomed, crud, and patches of two-day old powder through the trees. The guy in the shop couldn't provide much info. Can anyone tell me more about them? Characteristics? Designed for what ability levels? Etc. (The graphics were very similar to the SkiCross 66s from last season, but with no binding plate.)

The only thing I could find on the web was one pair on Ebay (too long, and with no meaningful info) and a couple of foreign ski forums with entries in German and French, which I don't speak. Nothing on the skimag or Dynastar sites.

If my son still appears to have quit growing 3+ inches a year, I will be looking to buy him new gear at the end of the season. Are these skis generally available in the US?