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Help me out :)

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I am about to purchase some new gear for the upcoming season. First off I am from the west Coast, I ski our locals as well as Whistler. I have been skiing since I was 6, I am 26 now. I haven`t been able to get up much the last 3 - 4 seasons.

Currently I ski an older Salomon XScream. I am 5'7 160 pds or so. I need a solid all mountain ski, I ski steeps, bumps, crud, powder and do love the occasional groomed.

I need recommendations as gear seems to have been chaging so much. Would one of the new 1080's be an option? I do not ski the park but would like to learn. Will these hold up for all mountain? I have also heard that the Line MTX (and MTX Pros) would work for me.

Keep in mind I grew up skiing 203cms Rossi 7XK's and ripped the crap out of Whistler's steepest terrain on race skis. Gear has changed so much.....I also need a recommendation of the length I should purchase.

I am lost! Please help.
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Please review the FAQ, pegged to the top of this forum, It will help get you up to date.

At 160 Lbs., you can chose from many 73 to 90mm wide-at the waist skis. These will have enough width to provide the float you will need in Pacific-coast powder; and still feel very capable on piste.

Twin tips are popular as all mountain skis; the Salomon 1080 & Pocket Rocket, Fischer Big Stix 80, Atomic Tweak are example's of twin tip's that are used on & off piste, and in the park..

Also consider these single tip models; Atomic Metron B5, Dynastar Legand 8000, Elan M666, K2 Apache Recon, Salomon Scream 10 Pilot Hot

Do you want off-piste performance at the cost of on-piste agility?
Or, do you primarily want on-piste performance with acceptable results off-piste?

The models above provide both, but deciding priorities will make the selection process easier.

Hope that helps,

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How do you ski bumps? If you ski them by precise carved turns then you might be able to ski on something like the Metron B5, Legend 8000, M666 or Recon but if you like bashing into them then they are probably too stiff for you and you'd be better off with a fun twin-tip like the 1080 or Fischer Big Stix 80. Both my kids are in their twenties, live in Oregon and ski 1080s as their everyday skis and love them. Both ski bumps, trees, powder, tons of crud and bomb the groomers.
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I can sell you my 03-04salomon scream hots in a 155cm for $325 free shipping with the s912ti binding


03-04 volkl 6 star with marker 1200 piston binding for $375 free shipping

send me a private message or email me back at bige52552@aol.com if you are interested
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^ I live in Canada so I assume shipping would not be free on the Hot's?

I think I have picked the new teneighty foil. Thanks for the tips guys just unsure of the length I should grab. Also, I get 60% off all Elan product at the mountain I work for but I am unsure if any Elan product is worthwhile. :
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Elan makes extraordinary product! Make sure you check 'em out. S12 for on-piste, M666 or 777 or 888 for off... I haven't looked at their new line, yet, so I'm likely a bit behind. Very high quality, though, and the Fusion binding system is among the most effective ski/binding interface I've skied...
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I can vouch for the Mantis 777. Excellent all mountain performance, rips on groomed, and it can hold its own in the park (not as much as a 1080, but it can do it)
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Ooooo now I am happier.

I get a whole 40 - 60% off Elan product which includes their boots (which is another company name I believe).

I am looking for off piste so the info is a great help!
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Elan makes some great skis. For where you live look at their M series. The 666 & 777 are more traditional all-mountain skis while the M02 is a twin-tip all-mountain ski which shouldn't be overlooked.
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Is the twin tip a 2006 model?
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Yes, the M02 is being sold this year. It looks like its the same ski as last year.
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I dont know about newer 1080, but last years and previous years i have skied felt like sticks of butter compared to any of lines offering. If i were you check out the chronic wides in 166 or 176(for your level and terrain 176 probably is better), also check out the prophet 80 in a 171. The MTXs are nice but the newer offering have a wider waist.

For non twins thats alittle tougher in bumps i love my B5s(in 162cm size). I am 5'10 168 FYI.

Outta of curiousity does anyone else ski Lines, and actually ski other twins?

I feel like fox news on here offering a balanced voice.
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