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Originally Posted by hrstrat57

bears, this is truly unbelievable...you need to be reading this stuff....:
It's disgusting! Those Healthy looters could have carried the sick and elderly out of their by now.
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1973 Was it really thrity two years ago????

How many remember this ??

Were you even born yet, or old enough to remember Gordon Sinclair??
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Hurricane Agnes ripped the East Coast pretty hard but not like this Katrina destruction.

I was 12 years old when Agnes hit.
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I remember Gordon Sinclair very well. My grandmother used to watch and listen to him faithfully.

I'm still a conservative.

I agree with everything he said, and I will do my bit, from Canada, to make sure the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army do not go broke because of this.

I may not agree with what the American government does , or the policy decisions they make, but that does NOT mean the American people do not deserve the help and assistance anyone if the world can give. Choose who you give to, scammers and fraud artists around the world will surely try to take advantage of the situation, but GIVE.
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Good news...just heard from my friends in MS. They still have no power but do have water, he said they were some of the lucky ones in that regard.

Projecting another month without power, so they're getting by with generators. They're desperate for ice for food and it's quite hot so obviously no fans or a/c since the generators only have so much oomph. They'll be feeling the affects of this for a long, long time.
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Glad to hear your friends are safe.
We ALL will be feeling this for a l o n g g time.
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Thanks, Stache.

Just got a note from a friend back in Albany who has immediate family in MS...here's his experience:

"I just came back from the devastated gulf coast. My mother and stepfather live in Long Beach Mississippi and the early storm reports were so grim I decided to drive down there to find out their condition and get them out. They are OK; most of their town is gone. After seeing the destruction in person all I can say is the TV images can not do it justice. I have a new found respect for police and fireman, National Guardsman, volunteers everyone and anyone who puts themselves at risk to help others. I saw desperate people along the sides of the road and over 1,000 people in a Wal-Mart parking lot waiting in line for water. I think some mistakes were made in the relief effort and it is my hope the federal and state agencies will learn from this and put better plans in place for the future. I was able to load my SUV with a generator, food fuel etc and drive 1,500 miles and get there before FEMA did...."

Sadly I learned this morning that 6 of my company's employees that work in New Orleans are still unaccounted for.
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