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Atomic SL9 vs. Rossignol T-Power 9S

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I trying to decide which ski to use next year. I havent skied the SL9 yet (thats the ski I will be getting in the next month b/c my 9.12's had a defect) or the 9S. I probably won't even have a chance to do any demos before the season and I don't want to ski the SL9 before I sell it if I get the rossi. Does anyone have a preference as to which one I should get?

Thanks, 9.12

btw: I am using the skis strictly for slalom racing.

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Atomic, Dynastar, Fischer, Salomon, Stockli, and Vockl as well as Rossi all make very good slalom racing skis.

If I were concerned about my race results, I would check them all out or as many as you can or can afford to before buying any particular ski. The "best skis" are generally those that work best for YOU.

If you just want to have fun on them and results don't matter that much to you just sit back and enjoy this thread and then make your pick.
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Obviously I am not basing my decision on this thread. I am just interested in seeing what others think about the two skis. I have consulted with my ski coach and have narrowed all of the race skis down to these 2 skis. Now I am trying to get as much info as possible from others. Last year here in south PA my home mountain opened on Christmas, and I had a GS race at Seven Springs two days later! So I really don't have anytime to demo. Any info that anyone can give would be great.

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Sorry I can't help you any when it comes to choosing between those two skis. But I don't think anyone here or any coach can tell you which of the two will work best for YOU. There are just too many variables involved.

Try to find a way to get up to New England early even if it is just to check out the Atomic and Rossi skis. Either one will probably be a good choice. However, one will have been the better choice for YOU.

Those are my thoughts. The great thing about this forum is we can always agree to disagree. Good luck next season!
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Thanks Lostboy. I'm going to try my best to ski both skis before I make my descion. Hopefully winter comes early and I won't have to worry about this. Pray for snow/cold in october and early november in the northeast!!
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The SL9 is probably the best ski that I have ever used. I've never been a Rossi fan.
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Elan SLX... you'll never look at another slalom ski the same again. See my reveiws in consumer gear reviews.
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Sorry I did not mention Elan among makers of great racing skis. There have been a lot of raves about the SLX here. I should also have included Head, Nordica and K-2 as well. In addition, "Volkl" was misspelled and I could not put an umlaut over the "o". [img]redface.gif[/img]
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If I had a third choice it would have been the Elan SLX. I read many great reviews on that ski. Thanks for the info guys. Anyone else care to share?
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