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A tale

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Hi Again,

Just wanted to tell a story.

Last year I took up Skiing so maybe i'd stop hateing winter, I LOVED it after going 5 more times I figured if was i was going ski that much (every week) it would be cheaper to buy my own equipment.

Sounds simple enough, only I was new and didn't know how complecated it was, and i hadn't found you guys yet.

Well I got a great deal on Ski's and Bindings and after speaking a to guy at a box store and getting sized up (i didn't know about boot fitters) i got a great deal on boots.

So off to the hill; my skis's were amazing LOVED them and the boots were OK, untill I got to the steeps my skis wouldn't respond had to fight it and I was falling. I did the run again and realized my feet were turing inside the boot before i could get the boot to turn. My wife just thinks I can't ski, and i'm blaming it on the boots.

This goes on and my wife still doesn't belive me, i'm now doing research, I'm almost positve it's the boots. The end of season comes I find you guys and after a few chats with peeps like SSH i KNOW it's my boots. We (wife and I) go to some ski shops and get really rude service i mean nobody would talk to us.

Finaly i'm in a town 40mins away and I see a store (Mount Kirby Ski's and boards in Oshawa) that we promptly go in, they were amazing but were closeing for season in 15 mins, they tell me that on Aug 26 they are haveing a huge sale and all the boot fitters will be in.

I wait 4 months go back with the boots, (wife still doesn't belive me) i walk in the store tell the guy my problem (it's posted in gear review) he asks me to get my boots (salomon Verse 6.0 in a 32.5) as soon as he see's them he says "you what 220"? I said 227 he said that boot is too soft, pulls out the lining and it was WAY to big.

The long and the short is that he spent two hours with me to find a good boot for ability and wieght, he didn't even try to over sell me and he gave me a very good deal. He discovered that although i'm a 15EE the boot for me is lasts years Salomon XWave 6.0 in a 30.5. He even said that if it isn't right he'll fix it and if he can't, he'll take it back for a refund or exchange and find something else.

Why can't all shops have that kind of service??

anyway i'm pissed off at the box store for a bad fit, and i feel vindicated with the wife.

I wanted to get that off my chest, as well as thank you all for the help, you guys are the reason i knew for a fact it was the boots and helped me realize i needed a boot fitter.
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Originally Posted by Yesguy!

... i'm pissed off at the box store for a bad fit, and i feel vindicated with the wife...
Glad things seem to be working out for you. My personal theory is that rental boots, big box stores, and online boot purchases are major factors for so many who try skiiing giving the sport up. The retention factor is said to be only about 15%

Competent bootfitters are out there but can be hard to find. If you know your size and model and plan to see a bootfitting specialist to dial them in, a big box store or online purchase may be okay. For too many these choices produce a bad and often painful result.

As much as people fixate on latest model skis, a quality, well fitting boot is by far the most important equipment purchase you can make. Have a great season.
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You should smack her one now. Keep your pimp hand strong, yo.
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So let's see.. you now have the boots back but you haven't skied in them yet. I'd say the jury is still out and for now I'll agree with your wife.

While a good boot fit is nice, it's not a magic bullet.

(Good move on the Salomon's by the way. Most people I know with large feet are happiest with them.)
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