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Tired of Ski Movie Prices?

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Not sure if anyone is interested, but just trying to pass on info to anyone looking for a rad Poorboyz Film cheap. Check the trailer if you would like, it host alot of big mtn and new school skiing, and hopefully will get you generally stoked for the season.


Basically for 1 week, Theory-3 Media’s 2005 release will be released to the public and begin delivery to your doors. You have this great opportunity, via www.theory-3.com and www.poorboyz.com for this special price. Support Theory-3 and Poorboyz and try the film out. A chill soundtrack, up and coming rippers and more, our own areas, and a lot of deep snow, tech urban rails, and wonderful backcountry style jumps.

Theory-3 Media is a younger freeskiing snow porn company out of Vancouver BC, give it a chance...check out this trailer.

$19.99 – You receive Safety Meeting starting a week from now. In addition to this you receive a free copy of Theory-3 Media’s 2004 release “Breathe and Stop”, sticker pack, and the chance to win 1 of 3 packages including, a flat of 24 SHARK ENERGY DRINK, freeride sunglasses and goggles from CARRERA, 2 T Shirts and a hoodie from ONTIC CLOTHING, and POWDER 11.


Premiere tour for the fall will be released soon but expect showings, and parties in:

Vancouver (world premiere)
Vancouver (winter release party)
Calgary (freshtival)
Salt Lake City
And more!
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Thanks for the info, but in the future, advertisements go in the buying/selling forum, if they have to be here at all. Sorry if I'm wrong, but this really sounds like an ad.
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Ski movies all suck. And that's final.

I take that back ... 1965's Winter A Go-Go is truly revelatory cinema ... so bad it's good.
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Sorry, wasn't trying to blatent advertise. Just spreading the word on my buddies rad deal. Just a smaller company given some good opportunity with Poorboyz. Cool film, lots of big mtn, some big jumps, cool tunes, thought everyone would enjoy. thanks for the heads up though
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