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New Skis For The Upcoming Season

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Ok, so with the help of a friend of mine and a regular on this site I have narrowed my search for a new pair of skis to the following pairs below. I am an ex-racer looking for a ski I can take almost anywhere, except into deep powder since it basically is non-existent on the east coast. I mostly like to stick to groomers and steeps, I'm not into moguls, and I still have a need for speed. I'm looking for any advice I can find on the models below that were recommended to me since I haven’t been on any of them before. I'm looking between 165 and 170 for each model and am looking for the best deal for the best ski. If anyone has some free time and has tried out any of the skis please let me know what you thought of its performance. I have read reviews on each, but they can be fairly generic. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Fischer RX8
Head iXRC 1100
Volkl 5-Star
Dynastar Omecurve 10
Dynastar Skicross 9
K2 Apache Crossfire
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The Volkl 5 star is a great ski. I recommend that. I tried it out for a day, if memory serves me correctly, it loves short turns. It'll feel right at home in the gates, too.

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I liked the RX8; it's very versatile.

If you don't need mogul performance or short turns, also look at Atomic SX11, which I also liked. From what I hear, the SX-B5 is good too.

Just curious. Why not get a Fischer WC ski? (or any GS race ski for that matter?)
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Updrade the XRC 1100 to the (1100 SW)

Your list looks like a good list to me.

Since you come from a racing background, I think you would be much happier with the XRC 1100 SW (also sometimes called the RD) rather than the base 1100 or 1100 Chip. In 06 terms, the 1100 SW is called the 1200 (the SW stood for sandwich construction). The 1100 Chip is now called the XRC 1400, it's the more versatile of the two but not necessarily the highest performing (but close). Anyway, I think the sandwich construction would feel right at home for you.
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I would second the XRC 1100 SW (or this years equivolent ski). It's a great ski for hard snow, and it also performed surprisingly well in springtime slush. You should also still be able to find some good deals available on last years ski. But like everyone says--demo if you can. I demoed the XRC SW at Alta, loved it and bought it to use as my east coast ski. It was also recommended to me by a ski shop owner/ex college racer.
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I recall seeing a number of pretty careful reviews posted either here or the consumer review column on the:
Fischer RX8
Head iXRC 1100
Volkl 5-Star
Several Dynastar models
K2 Apache Crossfire

You may want to add Fischer's RX-9 to your list.

A good sourse of comparative reviews covering several of the skis you mentioned can be found at www.footloosesports.com They do a pretty good job of pointing out the differences between ski models that otherwise are in the same or simular categories.
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If you like long, fast turns, the RX-9 goes. If you prefer a variety, the RX-8 is more fun.
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You can get the apache hellfire for a reasonable price on ebay
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Thanks for all the advice. I think I have narrowed my search to the Fischer RX8 in 165cm, the K2 Apache Crossfire in 170cm, the Volkl 5 Star in 168cm, and the Head iXRC 1100 in 170cm. Now it will be a matter of which pair I can get without breaking the bank account. I will keep my eyes open for these models and keep you updated on what I can find. If I can pick up one of the above around $500 with bindings I would be extremely pleased. Thanks once again for your advice.
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http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/new-VOLKL-SUPE...cmdZViewI tem .Found these on ebay in your price range check out the hellfires at that price too
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Sorry didnt see the Length of them ;( .
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This shop on ebay may have something but I think it caters more for beginners. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Denver-Whol...QQftidZ2QQtZkm
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I have the iXRC1100SW, and would have to say it's excellent.
Given your race background, take a look at the Nordica Speedmachine 16.1 - if I could justify a 4th pair of skis, they would be the ones!
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You should add one of the Atomic SX-series skis to the list, say the SX:10, for instance.
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