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Hidden Valley Pa for sale?

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Heard a rumor that Hidden Valley, Pa, ski area is for sale at auction. I know it is a year round resort, not sure if they are selling the entire business or just the ski portion. This is one of my childhood haunts. Broke my 1st ski on a mogul run there when I was 14 or so. Sears wooden skis with screw in metal edges. Has anyone heard anything on this, are they going to be open this winter? I would hate to see it go under. I would understand as closeby Seven Springs is definitely the main skier attraction.
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I intructor here and is not rumor they are for sale we will know by the end of sept who the owners are. Possiable buyer include Harding(owner of 84 lumber and nemicolin), Booth Creek, and Disney(yes like Disneyland) all have placed bids. Please not rumors(unconfirmed) are flying around that 7springs is being sold to.

Kettlers great developers not so great businessmen.
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Have been to Nemacolin and know (sadly) about Disney, do you know anything about the other bidder. Are plans to open this year and ski?
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Good Info Sources for Ski Industry News

Two excellent sources for ski industry news are:

First Tracks Online
Browse Ski News stories at www.firsttracksonline.com/welcome2.htm by clicking on Ski News
Search for stories at www.firsttracksonline.com/search/search.cgi

Ski Area Management
Breaking News www.saminfo.com/news/
News Archive www.saminfo.com/news/archive.php

You can also Google the news source website plus the topic in quotation marks i.e. firsttracksonline +"hidden valley" to find good info quickly.

For example, these two stories were listed at First Tracks Online

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley up for sale http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/trib.../s_365586.html

Bids submitted for Hidden Valley www.post-gazette.com/pg/05233/557426.stm
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Thank you for the info....was looking for some insider info--but these sources are very factual.
For those that dont want to click and read---owner may be in dept for back taxes to the tune of $650,000. They are trying to sell the entire resort, but will sell pcs. Its current value???? A mere 30 mil.
If there are no bidders, maybe I can pick it up by paying the back taxes????Chump change for me.
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Originally Posted by GregGaspar
maybe I can pick it up by paying the back taxes????Chump change for me.
Good on you. Wish $650 K was chump change for me too. You buy'in after we ski? If you have that much spare change, You need to come get out of Pennsylvania more.
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