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Season pass at Bridger Bowl
Locker in the back of Grizzley Peak Restaurant & Bar
Frequency card at Big Sky
30-35 days at Bridger
5-10 at Big Sky and/or Moonlight
3-5 days at other Montana Resorts
2-3 days at Mt. Ashland
3-4 days at 'The Gathering' (sounds like a bad Stephen King book)
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Bridger Bowl (season pass) - maybe 25 days
Big Sky/MLB - maybe a weekend ?
Discovery - I'll consider since Rio recommends it so highly
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I'm pretty sure i'll ski less than last year, but since i got in 140 days last season it would be hard to ski more.

Most likely:
a few days at Alta
a few at the Bird
Brighton early season
Solitude " "
a few Powder Mountain days
a lot of BC days
the bulk of my days at Snowbasin

Maybe road trips:
MLB/Big Sky
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Our Plans are about 90% sure at this point.

4 days in Vermont at Thanksgiving. (last year we got one day and that was marginal at best, but hope in eternal.

4 days in the Italian alps at xmass. (on the way to visiting family, destination TBA)

4 Days ant Snowbird, early March?

The rest is still TBA.

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Midweek/night pass at Mohawk Mountain. Will be skiing on Thursday nights and Fridays in the day -- before the truckloads of delinquents show up at 5pm.
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Season pass at the our home hill - Alpine Valley Resort in southern Wisconsin, 388 vertical feet, 30 miles from home.

Season pass at Cascade Mountain - 460 ft vertical and a 2 hour drive. Hope to make 5-10 trips there.

Three trips planned to Summit County and Vail/Beaver Creek - December, March, and the Basin in May.
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Originally Posted by MWskier
Season pass at the our home hill - Alpine Valley Resort in southern Wisconsin, 388 vertical feet, 30 miles from home.
I remember skiing Alpine Valley in 1976 when in the Navy at Great Lakes, IL. Drive down one side of the valley, p-lot and lodge at the bottom, ride up the chair and when you get to the "top" you were looking out accross a cornfield for about as far as the eye could see.
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Saving my pennies to try to not have to work January-March. I'll be getting pass to Snowbird this year, Brighton pass is TBA. Travel plans include Jackson Hole and maybe some BC in the Glacier National Park area. If everything goes well, probably 60-100 days this year.
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We have a week booked to stay at PowMow mid-December. Look forward to hitting a few days at PowMow, Snow Basin, Deer Valley, and Snow Bird - Alta. Hope this pans out, and be nice to have early snow like this past winter.

Also plan to hit Wolf Creek, Co. sometime mid February for a week. This is probably backwards, as the Wolf is always pretty much wide open by mid-November. Anyway ... thats our plans
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No hard dates yet, but got the locales planned out:

Day trips to Snow Summit/Big Bear (Mondays and Tuesdays w/ mid-week pass)
3 runs to Mammoth
Telluride with the girlfriends family
Alta with the girlfriend
Solo to Willamette Pass and Bachelor(parents live a few hours south)
White Pass and Mission Ridge(bro lives in Yakima)
And maybe a day or two at Mt. High with some boarder friends

"I know you can fight, it's our wits that make us men."
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I live in Bethel, Maine so home base is by default Sunday River. I bought ASC All-East pass this year so daughter and I will be visiting Sugarloaf, Attitash and prob. a trip to K-mart in the spring. Of course, two days at Stowe for ESA-East Weekend. Maybe I'll get out west this year. Stowe is the farthest west I've ever skied. I'm a little afraid that if I get out west and like it then skiing in the East may never "seem the same again".
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100+ days teaching
a last trip to JH before the tram closes
maybe this will be my year to ski the Wasatch
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2 trips planned:

February - 1 week in Chamonix (Argentiere) can't get here soon enough
August - 10 days in New Zealand (maybe hop to Oz if the snow's better...)

Otherwise, a good mix of Wachusett weeknights and Okemo/MRG/Stowe weekends.
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My first year as an empty nester, so I hope to increase my days on-hill to maybe 40 or so.

I'll be skiing at Mt. Baker and Stevens Pass a lot. Probably a trip to Breckenridge for my first Rockies experience in my 42 years of skiing (got a friend who lives there now and I can stay free). Maybe a day or two at Whistler, depending (I like that place less every time I go there), and I hope to make time to travel up to Big White.

Also toying with a trip that will include White Pass and Mission Ridge.
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The short version:

- Try to be out in Utah a few times (esp. for the Epic Ski gathering - why not, right?)
- New England at least 3-4 weekends
- scoot to Whitetail or Liberty a few times for quick fixes
- save money for a Euro trip in 06/07.

Also, I need my shoulder to be completely healed before I hit the Utah slopes.
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Much like last year:
15-20 weekend family daytrips to Loveland, picking up our daughter at School of Mines along the way, then grinding my teeth up I-70 for an hour.
15-20 weekday daytrips to A-Basin or Breckenridge across South Park, grinning all the way. Maybe one daytrip to Vail if I'm feeling masochistic.
A few days at Ski Cooper (to revisit my skiing roots), maybe hit Monarch once or twice if they have some good deals.

The ski sales start this weekend, I'm starting to get antsy...two months to go....
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Washington, British Columbia, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy. Maybe Sweden.
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December 13-20, wherever the snow falls, but probably Utah, Whistler, or Summitt County Colo., last week of January, Utah, spring break in March at Whistler with family, and if I'm lucky one week in April either at Whistler or Banff. Now if the snow will just start falling so I can feel like it's in the foreseeable future.
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Starting out the week of Thanksgiving chartering a boat in the BVI's for a week. Oh, skiing, let's see.... Did someone say a weekend at Whiteface in January??? Brrrrrrr.

Well I doubt it will be much warmer for me at Jackson Hole the third week of January, but there should be more snow... I hope.

Before that on Saturday of MLK weekend I'll take my son and my nephew to either Gore or Hickory. We hit Gore last year and it was not nearly as crowded as I thought it would be.

My son's school doesn't take President's day week off so we get a nice uncrowded week in mid-March. Last year we hit the road for a north country triangle: Whiteface, Jay, Okemo. This year I'm thinking Cannon, Jay, then Stowe or Sugarbush.
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About 80% finalized as of now....

Locally a midweek season pass at Wintergreen in VA. (It's also good certain weekends.

Summit County CO. Jan 2-Jan 4
Deer Valley Jan 5-Jan 10 (ydnar's ski week)
Summit County through Jan 21
Vail Jan 22-Jan 28

Vail April 3-April 15
Probably close the season in Summit County on April 23.
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Late western swing this year, eh UL? I'll be ready for ya! Lookin' forward to it!
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Teaching Liberty Mountain every weekend.

Dec. PSIA-E Pro Jam at Killington

Jan. 21-28 Mammoth (see flyer I'm looking for a few good skiers to join me)

Mid March Windham for a few days
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Originally Posted by crank
Oh, skiing, let's see.... Did someone say a weekend at Whiteface in January??? Brrrrrrr.
that would be me.

Hoe many of you guys are planning on being at killington over thanksgiving?
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Gosh I need your job!! Or at least I need it for my husband!!!
Originally Posted by Marty
early dec - alta/bird - booked.
christmas - whistler - booked
MLK- heavenly - booked

still planning - late jan trip to JH.
still planning - tahoe or SLC - presidents week.
probably go to utah late march - if tahoe dries up.
numerours day trips, of course to tahoe.
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did you mean - how can i afford the time or how can i afford the money?

in terms of money - I am using mileage for my first utah trip and whistler trip and driving to heavenly so almost $0 spent on transportation. my accomodation in whistler is free - sorry cannot explain that. others are no more than $150/night. so far for my first 11 days of skiing - I am paying no more than $750 for travel+hotel for a family of four.

in terms of time - most of them are weekend trips - except the one during presidents week. christmas week is slow.

of course - it helps that I own my business.
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Due to family commitments and finances, unfortunatley only one ski trip planned this year: Jackson Hole for the Steep and Deep Camp from Feb. 9-12 plus a day before and after. This year it's going to be all about quality and not quantity. A few days on skis is better than none.
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Only two concrete plans so far -
Hit the ski show in the fall and snag all the discount ticket cards.
5 days in Vail the week before president's day.
and poke my face into the local ski shops next week for early season gear..

three, concrete plans...
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Assuming that we get snow this season in the PNW...

About 4 trips to Crystal Mt. (Washington) at about 4 days per trip....
about 6 or 7 nights of night skiing at Ski Bowl on Mt Hood...
and a weekend trip to Mt Bachelor.

And in the spring to early summer, 2 to 4 days at Timberline on the Palmer chairlift.

Some potential trips might include a week at Park City and a few days demoing skis at Stevens Pass.

Now I just need to talk to the boss about cutting back to 32 hours per week!
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Got my pass for PCMR today, plus one for Mrs Crab, and the kids are still free.
Ordered two Alta silver cards (20$ off any lift ticket, cards transferable)
Book of ten locals discount coupons for DV.
-Canyons discount five-pack.
Will enroll the kids (3&6) in DV ski school's Saterday locals program- a great program at a great price.

I guess I'll just have to pay retail at Snowbasin, but on a powder day...

Road trip to Telluride in December for our 10th anniversary-adults only....
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie

Summit County CO. Jan 2-Jan 4
Deer Valley Utah Jan 5-Jan 10 (ydnar's ski week)
Summit County through Jan 21
Vail Jan 22-Jan 28

Vail April 14-April 18
Probably close the season in Summit County on April 23.
Schedule adjustments and thread bump !
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