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Skiing 2005-6. Do you have concrete plans?

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Does anyone know where you will be skiing this season? Any concrete plans? What is your home mountain (hill)? Anyone traveling by air...train...car...feet? What are your goals for the upcoming season?
My current firm plans include 25-30 days on mountain in the Wasatch (5+ = Alta; 20+ = The Canyons). Also, I would like to go to a World Cup soccer event next summer, and spend 3-4 days on the Hintertux glacier.
I'm sure that some bears have concrete plans for 100+ days on the hill. I would like to hear about it.
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Being in medical school in NYC...my plans are a bit less ambitious.
15 days would be highly satisfying, 20 would be bliss.

I'll probably get a few weekends in Souther Vermont in late January/February. A day here or there at Wyndham ()
Maybe a weekend trip to visit a friend in New Mex and ski Taos.
7-10 days out west somewhere for springbreak. Where depends on snowfall.
Maybe one more weekend trip out west, the wildcard trip, that would be based solely on the the weather channel.
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Well, I'll be buying a weekday pass at Montana Snowbowl, and skiing five days a week come rock garden or powder day. It's 12 miles away, so I'll be driving unless I manage to develope some sort of carpool type situation.

I'm toying with the idea of going down to Park City for the Epic Ski Gathering, but that would be contingent on having some miracle windfall of funding, as I am incapable of saving money, and don't make very much in the first place (hmmm maybe I should go buy a powerball ticket). I also hate the thought of missing potential ski days driving down there.
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early dec - alta/bird - booked.
christmas - whistler - booked
MLK- heavenly - booked

still planning - late jan trip to JH.
still planning - tahoe or SLC - presidents week.
probably go to utah late march - if tahoe dries up.
numerours day trips, of course to tahoe.
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I'll be skiing the local hill (season's pass), and I've tentative plans for either a wek long skiing roadtrip trhu the kootenays or a weekloong touring trip.
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Well, with a chairlift about 600 feet from my desk, I think I'll be skiing Copper a bit. Hopefully none of that will be for work related reasons, but things break and I'll inevitably have to put on skis to go fix them. That pretty much guarantees about 50 days or so.

That doesn't really count though. I have some destinations I'd like to hit for sure. I'll be taking some trips to Montana, so I think I'll try out the new Moonlight-Big Sky pass since I've never skied Moonlight. Friends of friends are at Maverick Mtn this winter, so I'll head there as well. Maybe Bridger Bowl if I'm lucky.

Early season can necessitate some trips. I imagine there's a good chance a road trip to Wolf Creek or LCC is in order. I have this sneaking suspicion Alta is going to have a fabulous early December.

It's been a few years since I've been to JH, and with the pending tram closure I think a trip is in order.

No season is complete without skiing Vail, Aspen Highlands, Ajax, Snowmass, Winter Park, Breck, A Basin, and Tombstone, so I'll definitely be there at some point. I've never been to Eldora or Solvista, so I may go there just for fun. Monarch is high on the list as well.

As far as big trips go, I don't have anything planned. I have some friends going to St. Anton and Kitzbuhl and I'd love to go. I don't think it'll work out though.
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i'll summit county mid-dec. and a colorado or tahoe late season for sure and
1 trip w/ local ski club yet to book.
and dont forget there's some sort of bear watching or feeding and definitely drinking in utah next feb.
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Instructing at Hidden Valley Pa

Weekend trip to whiteface in Januray

about 10 days in VT(early and late season)

New Years Trip to Jackson Hole
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ASC pass for this season and the in-laws are 20 minutes from K-ton. I am seeing some day trips. We will be up there for Christmas and New Years plus another 2-3 times..at least.

Our yearly "Boys Trip" is to MRG/Bush in Febuary.

With the ASC pass, we will do a week at Sunday River.

Some of the Philly Bears might talk me into a day at Elk .
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My travel plans are wherever I get free housing and cheap lift tickets.
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Originally Posted by real9999
My travel plans are wherever I get free housing and cheap lift tickets.
U 4 got Deep Powder. me-pass @ the local hill , RV ski camping in ID-MT Jan./Feb. with friends and Tahoe in Mar.
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Plans? We don't need no stinkin' plans.
Teaching at Windham most every Thurs-Sun (including Thu & Fri nites) plus MLK day & Christmas and Presidents weeks . Teaching at K-mart for the Brit invasion 2/12-2/17 and then a Daddy & Daughter weekend there Palm Sunday weekend (4/8&9) or earlier.
Thanks for the thread Canyons, now I have my Outlook calendar plugged in for the next ?? months.
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I will be where the powder is, that's al I know.
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Snow Valley, On (Season pass)
Blue Mountian 3 or 4 times
Mt St Loiu Moonstone at least twice
and:if i can convince my wife, a week skiing the big 3 at Norquay, Lake lousie, Sunshine,
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Hmmm, I don't know. ??? Maybe this season I'll...nope, I'm skiing Jackson.

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I'll be at West Mountain training. At least 48 days of on the hill skiing.

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2 season passes: Kirkwood, Sierra at Tahoe. Alpine touring to BC off the lifts in season, and earning turns off season. Should be great if we get snow.
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OK, I'll play:

- Pre-opening @ Alta/Brighton/DV (5-10 days)
- Season Pass to PCMR (40 days)
- 5 pass to DV (5 days, duh)
- 4 trade passes to The Canyons (4)
- Mid week BC ascents in LCC on my lunch hour (work is 20 min from Alta) (20)
- Trip to Telluride, Durango, Taos w/ family (3) + (1 BC/Silverton?)
- Empire Canyon after DV closes (10)
- Tioga Pass in June (3)
- Shasta in July (3)

Around 100 days this season, not bad for a working stiff.

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The plan is devious - but it works. Our mfg company has about 80 dealers throughout the country.

In the winter, dealers in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Reno and Utah receive ample attention, with nurturing "product training" visits.

An few extra vacation days in each location results in a splendid array of turns - while western sales increase.
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2 Season passes, Wachusett (weekday mornings, possibly teaching)
Berkshire East, Fri, Sat, Sunday
Early season Mt. Snow
Probably the ETU, er ESA December
2 weeks in Vail in Feb-Mar
Other Eastern jaunts
Estimated 50-60 days. (53 last year)
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I'm planning on my daily 120-mile round-trip drive to Boyne Mtn. (which I made 110 times last season) plus a spring trip out west, most likely to Big Sky. I closed out last season with five days at Snowmass.
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I plan on working just up the road at my local hill.

Vinn, if you make it to Big Sky/MLB, drop me a line and I can at the least steer you in the right directions.
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Already have my Copper and Winter Park pass, so those will be my main haunts. Will probably hit Loveland/A-Basin early/late season, plus some days at Vail/BC (courtesy of Amex points). Usually I get 30-40 days a season.

My big plan for the season: taking a month-long sabbatical from work in March and skiing as much as I can.
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The only "concrete" plans I have are to attend (my 4th) one week PMTS Camp at Sol Vista, Colorado in late January.
Locked in the lodging yesterday...I'll start looking for airfare when it's 60-90 days out.
I plan at least 2 or 3 other Western trips and one could be in Utah early December if conditions look like they're gonna be good.
Also plan to get up to VT/NH/ME a few times for 2-3 day weekends, conditions and my schedule permitting.
The goal is 30 ski days this year...
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Friends of friends are at Maverick Mtn this winter, so I'll head there as well. Maybe Bridger Bowl if I'm lucky.
Vinn -

As long as your in the neighborhood you should consider skiing Discovery, also.
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Ordered my passes for JH last week, hope to make it to Targhee for a couple of days. Have a place booked in PC for spring break.
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I foresee a vey nice 0 days for 05-06.
Everything that I'll be able to scratch from that, it will be a godsend.
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No concrete plans. Only powder plans...

I'll get at least 15 days at Copper this year (guiding and clinic days).

I'll get at least 5 days at the ESA in Alta/Bird.

I plan to pick up at least 10 additional days in Colorado at Copper or the Colorado Pass areas (still trying to decide on that Colorado Pass).
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I picked up that all east pass at Killington, so maybe I'll go there. It's an hour and 50 min from my house. If I get up early I could be back by two and still call it a work day.

Also have a pass at Jiminy good for the week except Saturday. This should encourage me to go north. That means MRG and Jay. This year Stowe is a must. It has been a long time.

My boy is 17 and off to college in a year. I'd like to get as much time in the real skiing mode as possible. He really wants to go to Alta or JH or what ever. So would I but the funds are snug. He says that I need to get my priorities straight. That's what I used to tell him when he chose to go to school instead of skiing with me. His mom is a bad influence on him.
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Aspen/Snowmass in January
Lake Tahoe in February
Big Sky/Moonlight Basin in March

About 10 days skiing at the resorts in NC and maybe a trip up to Snowshoe and Wintergreen.
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