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Similar Patterns?

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How are you fellas!

Here in South America we are having a very good winter in the central Andes,Portillo,Bariloche,Las LeƱas.But in the southernmost point of the continent,aproximately the latitude of your northwest,Tierra del Fuego,they are having little snow.Just enough.
Very similar to what happened to you the last winter isnt it?.Not too much snow in the Northwest.
This means September we will have snow in this area like,lets say...March in Whistler?

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Send us some pictures!
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I dont have Paul.Sorry
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Well I'm sorry too. Could you please get some? Ask around and see who's sending digital photos back and tell them to send some to us.

Basin Ski Shop has sent some and it looks like a great year to be in Chile. What about Argentina. Las Lenas is supposed to fantastic when there is snow.

How do the treat Americans?
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LOTS of snow everywhere Paul
Everybody is welcome here!
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