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i just mounted my sis's dynastar troublemakers (the phil dion pro model, 165). bindings are salomon s850s, din to 10. i mounted them 1cm back for better allround performance (she's not a jibber).
i drilled them, then put some waterproof wood glue in the holes to keep the inside of the skis dry, then screwed the bindings on. everything normal. except for when i put the glue in the front holes (for the toe piece), the 2 holes in one line (the front and back holes for the toe piece on each side, left and right) seemed to be connected. i could tell cuz when you pushed the glue in in one hole, the level of glue in the other hole was rising.
this happened on both skis on both sides of the toe pieces. heel pieces were ok, nothing strange.
is that normal? are there hollow spots inside the troublemakers' wood cores?