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Solomon Evolution 8.0L
Technica Hot Forms

Volkl 6 Star 163cm (2004)
Rossignol Bandit X 177cm (2002)
Volant FX 2.2 195cm (1996 or 7)Barely ever used lately

Rossignol Bandit
Rosignol (others)
Cheapo replacement poles from when I forgot mine
2 sets of bent poles (don't know why I keep them)

Boeri (too big...trying to sell)
Ovo (has not been used yet, but fits my low(short) forehead

I got rid of a bunch of skis and boots last year....

Oh, I also have 4 sets of GLM skis 2ft, 3 ft, 4 ft and 5 ft with spademan bindings and adapter plates that are going to the New England Ski Museum soon (I hope)
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I have a habit of keeping all my old skis for sentimental purposes, but few of them are worthy of spending any time on... Here's the stuff I actually use...

Good Ski: 2003/04 Volkl 724 Pro 188cm with Markers
Rock Ski: 2001/02 Volkl Vertigo Motion 188 with Markers
Boot: 2003/04 Head World Cup MR103 or something with Rightfit/Amfit Thotics
Poles: Old Scott Carbons

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Volkl Mantra 184
K2 apache chief 181
Dynastar Inspired 178

I don't have rock skis and good skis, there is always going to be rocks on the mountain no matter how much it snows, so I just use skis as conditions warrant.
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This is an interesting thread. Some people, like me, have one pr. of skis for different type conditions (e.g. 6*, AX4, Exploders). Others, like Zion and Bandit have many skis for the same type conditions (e.g. Mantra, Apache Chief and Inspired). Just an observation. However, I would like to know what motivates bears like Zion and Bandit to break out a particular board on a particular day.
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My inspireds are mounted with freerides since most of my touring is done in the spring looking for steep chutes. I think the inspireds are excellent spring skis and are so easy to hop turn.

The mantras will be for everyday this season.

I'll have to figure out where the chief will fit in this year, it's so good in fresh pow that i may still use it on pow days this season. Last season it was my everyday goto ski.
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I race. As for what pair of SL skis I pick out on a given day - depends on crowds, and amount of ice. My new nordicas will be fast stable, and less maneuverable than the 155's from last year. My 154 SLX is a great "hyper carver" to just have fun on - but if the snow is cut up or soft - forget them - they do however work nicely in crowds since they have an 11.9m radius. My two pairs of 155 slx's are beat. They are rock skis. My 155 SLR's will become my crowd/ice free ski, when it is too busy to ski my 165's. I ski over 60 days a season, so I have time to ski them all. Sometimes I'll ski one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The Salomon GS skis are just a fast freeski... boy do they go like hell.
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Originally Posted by Rio
If it was just Volants I wouldn't have said anything but Volants and Flexons....come on, there got to be some genetic relationship between you two.
Volants yes. Raichles yes, but mine aren't Flexons, they're F-Ones! I'm sure Phil would stress, they are very different boots (though I believe we both have thermoflex liners).
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Me (31 yrs, 184 cm., 76 kgs):
1. Salomon X-Wave 10
1. Scott (type not marked on ski) 195 cm - Bought them at local ski shop for 50 Euros, but work well in deep, fresh snow
2. Atomic 10.22 188 cm - more sensible choice
3. Atomic Sx:B5 174 cm - got them last thursday so can't say much about them yet.
4. Kneissl Racing star 200 cm - will get rid of them as edges have teared from the ski on some places.
?? they break anyway

no helmet, goggles Adidas

She (31 yrs, 177 cm, 62 kgs):
Salomon Performa 7.0

1. Salomon (don't know type) 185 cm - she keeps 'em for sentimental reasons I guess
2. Nordica SUV 9.0 178 cm
3. Salomon Streetracer 80 165 cm


no helmet, goggles some ridiculously expensive italian brand.
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-Tecnica XT-17 26.5
-Tecnica Alum Comp 26.5

-Gabel Straight
-Gabel GS bend

-Volkl '04 6 Stars 175cm
-Fischer WC GS- '02 in 188cm, '04 183cm, 05 188cm
-Volkl P60 SL Race stock 165cm
-Volkl '99 P30 193cm (Rock skis)
-Volkl '98 P30 SL and GS 200cm (old HS race sticks-Still love ripping on the GS skis with the Derbyflex!!)
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1998 Technica TNT Explosion 8's
2003 Technica Alu Comp with custom foamed liner (bought last season, don't fit right, will be replaced this year)

Volkl Superspeed (175ish)
*Going to buy either Volkl 724 Pro (177) or Volkl Unlimited AC4 (177 or 184)

Poles (?does it matter?):
Funky Leki poles with the trigger release thingy
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Didn't get a new skis last year (well, I did acquire the Sins, but I didn't pay for them), so this year the quiver is getting a bit of a make over...


Boots: Technica Icon Alu


193 Atomic Big Daddys w/Rossi bindings
185 Volant Machette Sin w/Salomon bindings
looking to add something in the mid 80's underfoot as my every day skis for Tahoe, leaving towards the 175 Atomic Metron M:EX


Boots: Scarpa Lasers


177 Atomic TMEX w/ Dynafit Comforts
188 PM Gear Bro Model w/Dynafit Comforts
184 K2 AK Launchers w/Freerides (my everyday ski the last two years, I think they've just about reached their useful life).
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Okay, K2 Axis XP -- only skis I need
Salomon Evolution 8.0 boots
Poles, who cares?
Helmet, got one, who cares?
Goggles, over the lens things, who cares?
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Originally Posted by Canyons
However, I would like to know what motivates bears like Zion and Bandit to break out a particular board on a particular day.
Well...I have to say that I love fat skis. I have done most of my "real" skiing in Tahoe and Mammoth and found that a burly 90-mm+ waisted ski is the ticket for me most days for resorts in the Sierra's. That being said, It's hard to determine what to ride some days. The Gotama's come out in the freshies, and the Explosiv's in the crud. I'm not sure where the Legend Pro's are going to fit in, although I have a good idea they will be my just about every day ski, as I have relocated to Seattle where the Cascade cement rules supreme.

There are days when I swap from my Explosiv's to my Gotama's at lunch, due to fatigue...or just wanting a slightly different flavor. I have way too much overlap in the quiver, but I enjoy the nuances that each of these sticks bring with them, and how they ski differently in the varied type of deep snow. Plus...I just can't bring myself to sell my Explosiv's, even though the LP's are a worthy replacement and probably a better all-around ski. Kind of a neurotic fat ski fetish, but at least I admit it!
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Tecnica Diablo Magnesium hiperfit


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Main ski:
Nordica The Beast 177/124-94-116

Rock ski:
Völkl G4 178/116-83-108
Both mounted with G3 Targa's ("red spring")

Garmont Ener-G

Board: (can I list this without being flamed?)
Burton Custom 157

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Skis: 2002/03 K2 Escape Cruiser (will be replaced by Fischer RX8 or RC4 before the season starts)

Boots: Tecnica Diablo Flame

Poles: Scott Aluminum

Goggles: Spy

Helmet: Giro 9.9
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1 ski quiver

I have only 1 ski in my quiver:
'02-'03 Atomic R:Ex 168cm skiied on for 2 seasons.
Boots: Salomon X-Wave 9.
Helmet: Giro 9.9 Mx
That's it.
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Elan S12 Fusion-168
Head Monster 77chip-170
Dynastar SkiCross66-170 (RockSkis)-2001, got cheap from Cupolo

Technica Rival RX with Intuition Liners (though this may be changing).

Poles: OLD painted aluminum K2 "North" circa late 1970s

Helmet: Boeri
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I have some of the oldest equipment on this board and will be buying new skis this fall:

Salomon X-Scream (second version from 1997) 195 cm
Volkl Snow Ranger (2nd version) 180 cm
For really bad, I mean really bad rock days: Rossi Viper S, 198 cm

Boots: Lange Banshee (my second beloved pair)

Poles are cheap Rossi bandits; helmet is Giro; goggles keep changing as I lose and replace them.
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Originally Posted by Billiam
For really bad, I mean really bad rock days: Rossi Viper S, 198 cm
I've got a pair of Viper S in 193. They were my first and only pair of straight skiis. Skiied on them a couple of years ago in the Midwest after I got shaped skis (didn't want to use my new good skis for crappy Midwest skiing). What a difference in technique it takes to make straight skis carve. Man am I glad shaped skis came out. It really makes carving much more accessible to the masses.
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Originally Posted by Billiam
I have some of the oldest equipment on this board and will be buying new skis this fall:
OK, now that you've made it safe to come out of the antique-lover's closet, I'll drag my dusty quiver out...of the closet.

Alpine pencils:
Gravel skis: Dynastar Course GS 203cm (ski swap material this year)
Rock skis: K2 Extreme 204cm (I find it hard to let these go, but I may have to swap them out also to make room for something less than 15 years old)

Tele pencils:
Kazama Outback 205cm with Voile plates (remember those? The jet stix of the tele world)

Tele soft-lead pencils:
Yostmark Mountain Noodles 190cm (the originals: Miller softs with a different topskin)

Alpine antique mid fats (carpenter's pencils?):
Salomon X-Mountain edition One 184 cm

G3 Baron 177cm with Freerides (finally something that was manufactured in this millenium)

After lurking in the recent and very useful ski-recommendation threads, I'm thinking about demoing Mantras, Pocket Rockets, Metrons, and maybe Head Monsters this year. I've always been partial to Dynastar skis, through, so I'll have to check out the 8800 as well. It sounds like there are some real great rides out there these days.
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Here goes:

Strolz Racing S
Rossignol Course E
Scarpa T-1 Thermo

Elan S12 Fusion 176cm w/Marker 1200 Fusion
Head Monster iM85 186cm w/ Salomon 914
Völkl P60 GC Race Stock 185cm w/Marker Comp 1800 Piston
Rossignol B2 182cm w/Rottefella Cobra R8
Stöckli Laser SL w/Marker Comp 1400 Piston

Rock Skis:
Atomic TM18 180cm w/Rottefella Cobra R8
Atomic Beta Carve 9.18 200cm w/Marker MRR

Goode Carbon something...

Sweet Protection Rooster (the coolest helmet in the world :-))
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Prosper: Yeah, the Viper S ain't a shaped ski BUT, I can go 45 mph on them without chatter and I used them on a powder a couple of years ago and found I could it. Technique over the tool, I guess.
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Nordica something. Got a few buckles and a carve/race and a walk/ski setting.

203 Rossignol Equipe SM GS skis w/oldschool look turntable bindings.
183(?) Salomon Axendo 8 for rocks
176 Rossignol T Power Cobra Z main ride

Soon to be added
188 Volkl G4 w/bindings from axendos (salomon equipe 897)
184 Atomic R:Ex with freerides.

Goode carbon fibre skinny things.

Giro Full face helmet in poor condition (mangled visor, cracked chin piece)

Those old rossi's are amazing. They've got the flex of a frozen 2x4 and ski like a rocket sled. They're in off the shelf condition. I'll sell them to you. (Old man skiied them for a couple seasons @ powder king in the 80s, and I only take them out for the radar race days or those blue sky perfect groomer days)
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My quiver is not so big.

170cm Salomon Crossmax pilot 10
175cm Volant Fat Bastards with Freerides ( I'd like to trade these for some Pocket Rockets)

really old but comfortable and stiff Lange TII's

165cm Salomon
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2005 Atomic T10
2005 Northwave (board)

2005 170cm Fischer Big Stix 8.0 w/ Salomon S810
2005 160cm Atomic SL:9 w/ Marker 1200 Titanium Piston

and yes a snowboard:
2005 Morrow Clutch Wide w/ Ride LX
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as of Dec 2005:

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Boots- Technica Icon Alu

Skis- 04/05 Atomic SL11 165cm
01(ish) Volkl P40 Race Carver 188cm
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my quiver...

Tecnica Icon Race XT17
Head S10 Superheat

HEAD i.SL RD VIST plate-166cm (new rippers for this season!)
HEAD XRC 1100 chip-177cm (all Mt. Cruiser...too soft for my liking tho)
Volkl P40's-188cm (my old GS skis, turned rock skis)
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Originally Posted by volantaddict
Y'know, I was just thinking the same thing, as the prime buy/sell/trade season is only in the larval stage, and I really wanted to have a picture of my fleet-o-steel before this thread inevitably surfaced, but of course I can't resist the temptation, so here's the current list (skis w/ bindings):

For snow:
180cm '02 Volant Gravity Power w/Atomic CR 614 TD
183cm '00 Volant Powerkarve w/Salomon s700 (will remount w/Marker M48 Ti)
185cm '00 Volant Ti Super w/Marker M51 Graphite demo
188cm '00 Volant Ti Power w/Salomon 900 Carbon (I may sell these)
188cm '01 Volant Chubb w/Look TX11 Quickset demo

For rocks:
173cm '98 Volant Powerkarve w/Salomon s700
183cm '99? Salomon XScream 700 w/Salomon 700 Synchro Center demo

Retired but still in the house:
190cm K2 RRTD Sport w/Look GX (one of the heel cups is cracked)

'02 Raichle F-One Rev

Slightly bent 20+ year old Kerma SX with mismatched Look platform grips
The up to date version would have the 183 Powerkarves remounted with Salomon 900 Equipe Drive+ (Phil P. convinced me the the M48s need to remain idle).

Added to the quiver are 180 Volant Chubbs with Salomon 977 Equipe Drivers for seeking pow in the trees, and a pair of 193 Volant Powerkarves which I bought for the bindings (900 Equipes), but which I plan to remount with Salomon 977 Composites for rock riding.

I also added a pair of Flexon Comps, but they are still in the fitting-for-later stage. I found a sweet pair of poles by Reflex at Goodwill for $1.99 too.

All together it looks like this:
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