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Schilling knew he couldn't be doing the usual off-season training due to his ankle injury and surgery so he might've mixed in a salad once in awhile. dude's fat and outta shape. i wonder if he has the level of fitness to bring real stuff to every game for at least six or seven. sox don't have the pen for him to go five and out. closer by default? next start will be an indicator.

Manny may be flake of flakes and an instant adventure in left-field but he is arguably the offensive force of the league, as he has been. Freakin' about an RBI a game. YOU do that with your head up your keester. The other day he was approaching the plate to hit, scanning the crowd, the field, the pretty blue elephants in the sky, whatever, and he damn near plows the umpire over when he walks into him in that daze.
Whatever. Dude rakes like nobody's business.

Johnny Damon's non-arm in center bothers me. He might as well underhand the ball. Worst arm in baseball. (Which says a lot about what else he brings to the table.) Anyway, the arm worries me.

Lessee, what else...

I know...NUMBERS!!!

David "Fat Ass Drunk" Wells: 10-6, 4.53
Randy "Lotta money for this" Johnson: 11-8, 4.34

Yankees are hardly dead. 2.5 back with a little less than a quarter of the season to go. And the last three (with more before then) against the Sox.

Play Ball.
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Good observations.

I will add one. IMO unless the sawx commit to Papelbon in the rotation and Hansen as either setup(depending on Foulke) or closer they cannot win a 7 game series against an elite team. They are not good enuff....Papelbon has the best stuff on the staff at the moment....no contest....Hansen is the real deal....going to have to roll the dice on these guys. Remlinger...c'mon who are we kidding...??? Krod, Wettland/ Rivera...it's been done before.

I am starting to think Schilling sacrificed the remainder of his career as an elite pitcher for the flag. I'll take it thanks. He might be no more than a number 4 starter for the duration...it is gonna be kinda hard for John Henry to pay 16 mill a year for that...but he owes him huge....that's down the road tho....

should be another interesting ride...esp from the sitting pretty (unfamiliar) position as fan of the world champions....a very sweet seat indeed
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Matsui, Sheff and Arod are all ripping it up. Wright and Chacon are pitching well and Wang should be back for Sept. Mussina and RJ will notch it up for the stretch and the pen, w/ Gordon and Sturtze setting up for Mario is in decent shape.

Down to the wire.

EDIT....I almost forgot: Johnny Damon is a dick; Manny is smoking way too much ganj and Wells is still a fat assed drunk. RED SOX SUCK
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i can sleep tonight.
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Originally Posted by ryan
i can sleep tonight.
I wouldn't. Fenway got torn up by the Stones' concert. Expect one or two outfielders to substain injuries tripping over hidden divets.
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a keith richards guitar pick has gotta be worth something on ebay.

been spinning "exile..." all morning.
it still works.

hey, btw, check yesterday's WSJ for interview with Senor Cadaver; back page of "personal (arts and leisure) journal." (D8, if i recall correctly.)
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Johnny Damon's no-arm in center... what about Manny's no-arm (or defense) in left? That winning run on Wednesday in the 10th should have been thrown out- a nice shallow fly ball and Manny's throw was nowhere near getting him.
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... what about Manny's no-arm (or defense) in left?

i alluded to the "instant adventure" in left manny provides. the guy's a DH when it comes down to it. he's actually decent in fenway but on the road, with more room, he can get lost. this is all well-known and documented.

there's a reason they got kapler back (late-inning OF defense). heck, they'll even pull millar late to put in olerud (a GREAT pickup, by the way; he's gonna hurt the yankees).

now if bellhorn could stop striking out every other at-bat...
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Yankee Annoyances

What's the deal with Torre leaving in Yankee pitchers who are getting KILLED -- Johnson/Mussina -- and not even bother warming up anyone in the bullpen (claiming that the relievers are "overworked")?

They make 10-30 pitches every two or three games, if that, and that makes them overworked? Is it really possible to have a tired bullpen?
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by this time of the season, yes. (this gets back, by the way, albeit circuitously, to the owners having no problem with keeping amphetamines - let's say "legal speed" - okay when they were hammering out the joke steroid policies. this, though, applies more to the everyday player than it does to pitchers.) also, relievers do a lot of getting up and throwing but without ever getting into the game; still, the arm is used. simply, it's an "accrual thing."

by the way, this is the kind of thing - the fatigue in late season - that really shines more light on what clemens is doing, which is basically dominating. the 40-something guy who was going to retire is arguably deserving of yet another cy young, and if he had any run support at all it'd be a lock and he'd be on the way to 20+ wins. the guy's a horse who gets what it means to be ready. pride? i don't know. but he's fun to watch (even if i'm not the biggest fan of his personality).

my guess is that torre is walking a tightrope with this one, doing what it takes to make the playoffs while knowing that come that time, the yankees' chances are toast if nobody in the pen has anything.

with johnson, specifically the recent game with the white sox when he gave up back-to-back-to-back, then another just batters later, that kind of incident is hard to throw a reliever at. the damage comes out of nowhere, is over almost before it starts, and by the time anybody gets up and ready, the inning is gone. and you know that he finished the rest of the game without giving up much else. fact is, he's not the pitcher he was. i wonder if he's the pitcher george thought he'd be paying the next few years. this is no scoop, but it won't get any better for him, though he may well remain effective. he'll be made more effective by solid yankee middle relief, allowing him to think in terms of giving six strong innings, then turning it over to whomever.

man, a dead-armed rivera would be wonderful.

the yankees, sox, and angels are all hoping that increasingly important middle relief steps up, as that seems to be where the hurt comes from when they aren't getting it done.
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Originally Posted by ryan
solid yankee middle relief
Oh, you must be referring to Alan Embree. He's swell.
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ya know

i like him better in pinstripes.
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