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My wife and I went up to Stowe for a weekend getaway, and just couldn't get over how wonderful the Green Mountain Inn is. It's right in the middle of town, on Rt. 100. We're definitely headed up there again, in winter of course. We had a huge suite for an amazing $159 a night -- lots of bells and whistles, too, double-jacuzzi, flat-screen TV/DVD players in both rooms, little baskets of organic chocolate on the dresser. The health club is extensive and there 's a beautiful, large outdoor pool that's open year-round. It was built in 1830 or something, but they've done some clever modernizing. The place is of course totally geared towards winter sports, but the prices one the suites still are about the same in winter. The cheaper rooms, which aren't that much cheaper, looked OK -- I'd advise, save your money if you're not looking for something kind of special or want to treat yourself: it was our 5-year anniversary. If I was headed to Stowe alone for skiing, I would have looked elsewhere. Ask for the "Peter Lovejoy Suite" if you want what we had. That Main Street Bakery or whatever it's called, right next door, will set you up with pretty fancy, giant sandwiches for cheap. They have a great breakfast deal, and their maple "squirrels," as they call them, are tasty, all home-made stuff. We ate at the Inn's restaurant, called the Whip, and it was pretty damn good, but not cheap. Service was "relaxed" (it took forever!), but the victuals were almost worth the wait. The real selling point of this place are the pretty suites for a song (compared to NYC at least). Anyway, hope that helps anyone looking for better digs in Stowe some time.