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Atomic 2006 Race GS

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Unfortunately the buyers guides and the Atomic website only provide information on recreational race equipment. Does anyone have authoritative information on what full-race GS skis will be available from Atomic this year? Will there be the two models like last year (blue and white; and red and white)? What lengths will they come in? What will the turn radius be for those lengths? Will there be a Neox race binding the equivalent of the 10.18 this year or is the 10.18 still the race binding. Thanks for any help.
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The most recent thread:
with more links.
It has been discussed in 3 or 4 threads already - the search should locate them
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Every answer you seek is in the race catalog is available on the Atomic website.

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thanks check and real... but I see nothing in the other thread and nothing at the Atomic website that gives me the info I need. The Atomic website, as far as I can see, has info only on the recreational ski (19 meter). The thread seems to say that the retail skis for 2006 are the same as the race room skis, but it does not give lengths and radius... and there is nothing about race bindings. Anyone???
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I didn´t want to steal Atomicman, Betaracer and Mark/logruve the show but afaik, the bindings are stil the same for 05/06.
The info was there but I always only made notes and don´t know the threads anymore. I suggest you wait for those three answering who could also have the links and who are the ultimate Atomic sources here.
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Click on downloads and grab the race catalog in pdf format.

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This is the link to the Race Catalog. If the link doesn't work ( it should), go to, choose your country (only for language) and navigate through downloads to Catalogs and Race 0506_eng.

All the info which Atomic thinks you need is there. Dimensions have been left off intentionally. The old style bindings is what is intended for the FIS legal skis. There is no 1018 Neox yet. One of the reasons for this is the Neox binding is considerably higher than the Race. This would require a whole new lifter setup to remain within the FIS rules. Also, the cost to do a wholesale changeover at all levels of racing would be huge.
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Thanks guys... that is exactly what I needed and I was pleased to see Atomic DOES have the info on their site!
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