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Salomon 912 PS - Binding Slop?!

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We had a mounting party just the other day. I finally mounted my Concepts with some 912 Ti's and My Aixs X Pro's with 912 PE2 Ti's. I haven't been a huge Salomon skier and actually, these are the first pairs that I bought with my own hard earned cash. A buddy of mine mounted some 912 PS bindings to a pair of Rossi Viper X 10.2 skis, but seems to be a little concerned about the outcome. The Poweraxe Sport plate on that binding seems to leave a bit of "slop" or "play" in the heel. The Poweraxe plate has some dampening layers that sit between the body of the ski and the binding, which prevents the plate from sitting flush on the ski. Try as we might to tighten, the heel just seems to wiggle side to side a bit too much. Does this sound normal? I thought that the dampening material may be resposible, but I just don't know. The other bindings mounted just fine. We are both ex-techs (he still is), so my pride says we mounted correctly and it is just the binding. Any thoughts or relevant experiences with mounting these Sollies?
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First do both bindings wiggle or is it just one?
i would pull off the plate and see if anything got caught under the binding somehow. also i have seen hole depths that were a bit to shallow every once in awhile.
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Is this one of the bindings which has a star-drive screw in the middle or at the heel piece? Just wondering if that may be relevant. Yes, hole depth can be a problem. Some call for 4.1x9 when a 4.1x7 or 7.5 was used. Also, when drilling (ya'll probably know this) counter-sink the holes. i.e. when the drill stops, push donwward harder to grind a step into the ski. THis keeps the hole from "volcanoing". This happens when youi install teh screw and while tightening it pulls some ski toop material upwards which then looks like a volcano. This can cause the toe or heel piece to not rest flat on the ski. Remove a set of bindings from an old ski to see this if the holes weren't counter sunk.
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Er... countersinking holes? NO the bits are made to stop not to keep going, if you over tighten the screws you will have the problem of the material coming up.
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Counter-sinking the holes, not the screw. Yes, this was one of the shop tips on a video I saw and in a shop book. The counter sink is very slight. Tighten the screws no more than you usually do or else you'd get the effect Spyder talks about.
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