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Elan Fusion binding ?

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Can these binding be adjusted forward? I need to move my position forward by 1 to 3 cm.
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Damned good question. The Tyrolias on Head skis CAN be adjusted forward in at least two ways. I'm not sure if that works on the Tyrolia now used in the Fusion iteration.
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I don´t remember having heard about the possibility and there´s no mention in the catalog either.

I haven´t manipulated with the Fusion for some time (it may have been the first generation with Marker) but I think the distance between toe and heel was adjusted in the middle segment and there was no -15/0/+15 shift like the Railflex has.

There should be someone who has the system and knows for sure.
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Looking at the attachment on the ski it looks like it was not designed to be mounted forward (or rearward) but it may be possible, for the brave and mechanically inclined.

Both the toe and tail pieces are mounted on a sliding brackets. Each bracket has an attached rack that passes through the locking mechanism. The brackets open and close together because it appears there are two gears in the locking mechanism that engage each rack.

The rest is based on pure conjecture

If you wanted to change the binding position you could remove the plastic cover (held by four tabs at the corners) the two torx head screws holding the locking mechanism and see if you can disengage the racks from the gears (if this is in fact how they move). This would (in theory) allow you to reinstall the heel bracket 5 cm forward while the toe piece is fully extended. You would lose 5 cm of adjustment for boot length (so if your boots are longer than 355mm you couldn't do it) but the brackets would now move apart or together 5 cm forward of where they did before. If the locking mechanism will not come out (because of the two racks) after removing the two torx head screws you may have to remove the four torx head screws holding each sliding bracket in.

My skis are brand new so I have only removed the plastic cover and have not removed any of the torx screws.
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Thanks for the help, Pragmaticskier.

I tried your suggestions, but I cannot remove the racks from the center locking mechanism. The only solution I can see, is to remove everything including the center locking mechanism and the two sliding brackets from the ski, then drill out the rivet connecting the rack to the mounting plate and drill a hole in the rack in the desired position and rivet it back to the rack.

That's getting too complicated for me. I guess I'll just sell the skis. Does anyone else have any suggestions?
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Buy Head skis with Railflex which have at least two ways of changing fore/aft placement, one by 1.5 cm fore or aft, and one in 0.5 cm increments fore or aft.
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The Atomic system and Volkl motion system allow repositioning. Atomic is the easiest, with multiple positions available without tools for slope-side adjustment. Volkl has a forward position that requires a screwdriver and agile hands.

Both the Volkl and Railflex can be reassembled in a way to create unlimited positioning locations for normal sized boots. Both establish toe and heel location with a tooth and rack design. A skilled user can add or subtract, resulting in a changed location while maintaining the length between toe and heal unit.

Hope that helps.

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If you are using the Fusion Pro, yes you can do it - if you have a relatively small boot. If you look at the rear mounting position for the binding, there are two sets of holes. You can use the foreward holes and then slide the toe as far foreward as you need to in order to match your boot. If the regular fusion works like that on the first year marker fusion (like on the S12 that is next to me) then i do not think you can do it. The newer tyrolia system may keep the heel fixed on all fusion models though.
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