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lodging around alta/snowbird

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trying to plan a winter vacation to little cottonwood canyon but dont have the money to spend on base lodging. thinking about staying mid valley or around there for cheap. anyone found a nice, clean, cheap, and fairly convenient place to stay?
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Check out the Super 8 or LaQuinta in Midvale.
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Extended Stay in Midvale. $250 for a week and only a few miles from canyon entrance.
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I met some folks at Alta last year who were staying in Sandy, at a Holiday Inn. It was a package, with a shuttle to the ski area, and it sounded like a great deal. I found a place at the Canyons, through VRBO.com, a 1 bed condo with a kitchen for $1,000 per week. It's a good half hour from the canyon, though.
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The La Quinta, Super 8 and Best Western in Midvale are within walking distance of the ski bus stops.
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