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What skis to buy

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Can someone help me out? I want to get a pair of skis before the season to get a good deal as I am a poor college student. I am looking for a pair that is for an expert skier that likes to extreme ski and ski the backcountry, yet likes also to hit the bumps, then also do some screamers down the corduroy. Any recommendations?
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Boots. Get a pair of boots at a ski shop that has a good boot fitter. Boot fit matters FAR more than what skis you ride. Worry about skis after you have the boots. you can check out Peter Keelty's review websight and llok at the different ski reviews for last years models at
http://www.peterkeelty.com/ to get an idea of what models might be appropriate, but spend the bucks on boots now if they have what will fit you in stock.
(Did I mention boots?)
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Pocket Rockets, Rossi Bandit XX, and others. Go to Peter Keeltys site and review the off piste skis. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Then look at these sites and see if last years skis are still available. Unless there have been radical changes for this year, buy the older ski and save the big $$$.

Also, what lenght are you looking for? let me know and I will keep an eye out for you (send a PM).



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PRs in the bumps? I haven't tried them, but they don't seem like a great bump ski. It sounds like versatility is what he wants, so a ski like the Volkl G3 or Vertigo Motion, Atomic 9.22 BetaRide, Rossi Bandit XX or X (how is you XX for bumps? My XXXs sure don't love 'em, but they could be worse) a K2 Axis X. Well, OK just about any "all-mountain" ski would probably do.

If youare looking for sale skis, you can't be too choosy. Why not see what is available and narrow it from there instead of getting recommendations for skis you might not be able to find?
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When you finally decide what skis your gonna get let me know and I'll see if I can save you some bucks!!
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If your looking at saving some money and getting a good ski check out e bay They have had some olins outerlimits same ski as the K2 x15 without the light they were going pretty cheap. I have also seen some new still in wraper K2 x14 for about $100.00 it's not a bad ski and better then nothing heck find some binding on sale and your set for around $250.00
I wonder if Altabound can get his hands on that new K2XP?
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