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Long Skis in the Trees.

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For the past 5 or so years I've been on skis in the 174-180 range. I enjoy skiing everything but the parking lot, and try to go bushwhacking as often as possible. I've always wanted skis that were just a bit longer, but every time I was able to demo longer planks, the conditions in the trees were no go.

Thus the question "Will there be a big difference in control through the trees with a ski in the 185-190cm range as opposed to the <180 range?

My current skis are 176 and have a radius of 23m, which is about the same as many longer skis, and I ski trees with ease () Will I be asking for pain difficulty and suffering in the forest if I step up to a longer ski?

I'd appreciate any input
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One of my ski buddies has a pair of 195cm Dynastar 4x4 Bigs (the one's with the flames) and has no problem in tight trees. Of course, it helps that he's a muscular 250 pounds. How much do you weigh?
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After you've answered Rio, indulge my curiosity:

Why did you want them longer and does no-go mean "no skiing at all" or "they didn't work out in the trees"<-why?
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Your weight and the make and model of your current skis?
My guess would be that a softer 190 cm ski (eg Bandit) might be OK, but an SX-B5 would not be so good.
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With no gear on I'm around 170. Boots, helmet, winter clothes and a pack could easily add 20 lbs to that, I think.

I'm on Rossignol T-Power Cobra Z skis. I've never seen another person on the same skis, and I've never seen them in a store. I can find next to no info on them online. (if anyone knows anything it'd be cool)

They took me about a season to figure out how to ski properly (quite stiff and a small sweet spot), but now I can take them anywhere (though I get the feeling they don't really belong too far off piste) and on the hardpack they have no speed limit. I'd call them a GS carving ski. If I go fast enough I can get almost parallel to the hill in a carve. I've not been able to carve like that on anything but ski blades, and race skis.

Comprex, I want them a bit longer because when I ski anything other than my current skis, nothing feels solid. All skis I demoed, even the Head Monster IM75 seemed skittish, and as if not enough was attached to my feet. I like something stable, something sort of substantial that will push back at me, if that makes sense. I especially feel that I want more length when I ski fast.

as far as "no go" I meant no skiing at all.
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Long skis should not be a hinderance in the trees as long as they are not overly stiff. Generally you are skiing deeper snow in the trees and therefore you are turning more with the flex of the ski than the sidecut. I would suggest a ski with a fairly soft tail, which will allow you to "pull a turn out or your ass" off the back of the skis when needed in emergencies. I have skied the trees for decades on nothing shorter than 190s, but if I was only going to be skiing tight trees I would certainly opt for shorter skis.

I have had the extremely unpleasent experience of skiing the trees on long stiff skis and it is pretty scary when the skis will not turn as quickly as needed. We used to do it on 210s in the old days, so anything is possible, but something with a little float and an easy flex should get you around anything in your path without too much trouble. You just need something soft enough that you can stomp on it and make it flex quickly.
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Demo sticks that are longer and also demo sticks that are wider in the same length that you are currently skiing like a AX4, B2, Metron M11, Hot Rod. I think you might get the results you want without having to go longer.
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I have rossi Bandit XX's in 184. Last season mid season I picked up Pocket Rockets in 175. The difference in tight trees was noticable, but I think the width in powder seemed to have an affect on that as well. Don't forget lots of skiing tight trees is in your head, and if you think your boards are too long.....
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If you feel your current quiver is too short even in the trees you probably have got a reason to go longer and answered the question by yourself.

I am in the same weight range as you and ski the Explosives in a 190 in the trees with no problem. Breakable crust are the only conditions making me want a ski which is a tad shorter.
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I went from 177cm Bandit XX to 188cm Legend 8800's last season (although more centre mounted than my Bandits) and trees are no problem. I'm 5'10 195. The extra length is so helpful when skiing fast in powder/crud/chop, I feel so much more confident, I will not go under 185 again except for a park or carving ski.
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Originally Posted by Liquidnails
nothing feels solid. All skis I demoed, even the Head Monster IM75 seemed skittish

WOW! :
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oboe, take a look at the ski he's currently skiing. '99 or '00 you reckon?
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yeah, that's spot on, comprex.

oboe, I agree. All the reviews of the monster im75 lauded its rock solidness and smooth feeling. I'll agree with the smooth feeling edge to edge, and through the course of a carve, but when it's not on edge at speed... look out. I also found steep windpack made this ski feel unsteady.

Perhaps it's my technique, or maybe I'm just fussy. who knows.

Now I've got to decide between Zag Freeride big 84s @ 188 or Fischer Big Stix 7.6 @ 185 for a touring setup.

I hate making decisions.
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