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Mayor Gavin Newsome cancelled the event that was going to go on this weekend. The lame ass Pac Heights residents and the stupid bride who made such a big stink about this event suck! What a great event this could have been....
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WE were on the way. POLITICS RULE!!!! Pacific Heights is MONEY, and money rules politics. I saw that some residents of Protrero Heights have welcomed the event. Happy bd Mosley.
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Since I always seem to be the one on the other side of the fence...

Wouldn't the organizers of this major event have bothered to get the required municipal approvals BEFORE announcing the whole shindig?

I'm jes' askin'.

Just because a small minority of San Francisco citizens who happen to be skiers thinks this would be a cool (pardon the pun) diversion on a summer day doesn't mean the majority of San Franciscans share that view. This is a democracy, after all.

It seems like there might be a piece or two of the overall puzzle that hasn't been revealed yet.
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Permits were in place. Politics talked.

SF is a town that regularly lends its streets out. Read the news, truth is stranger than fiction. I won't think of driving through there on weekends because of The City's fascination with bizarre street events.

The real reason was this event wasn't politically correct enough, just a snow show.

If the event benefitted, for instance, homeless one-eyed transexuals from Transylvania, nobody would have dared object.
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Gavin Newsom is a pretty cool guy. Very interesting, very gutsy. Actually quite business savvy and business friendly - while being socially responsible. If you think he's only about rich neighborhoods, you obviously have not done your homework. I doubt this was arbitrary.
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Newsom is a cool guy if he can get some national press. This was just a local issue, where the event went up against local "not in my backyard" sentiment and he went with the flow.

Business friendly - you haven't heard that SF is considering raising their payroll tax levy, an assessment on employment in his city? That's not going to bring any business INTO the city.

"Socially responsible" sounds like a code word for "caves to organized groups". That's his job description as mayor. Hey.. entertainment has no votes in SF.
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Who's the moron getting married? Set T-Hall and the C-Crew loose on the reception and ruin her fun.
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Well tha is about as gay as half the residents of SF hahahha. I know that was out of line and untrue, whatever!!!
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Ya know, I was gonna try to make an educational point by making a crack about Rangers. But I know too many cool guys who used to be in that biz to say anything at their expense.

I know the anti-PC police will be all over me, but your comment *was* out of line, IMNSHO.
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Use your brains people

Yeah, sometimes SF is a pain, but if street luge & a huge bike race and a million other events can go off, then this could have too. Sounds like the planners did a crappy job organizing & notifying the people affected. I just hope they get it together & move it.

Think: What would you do with less than 15 days notice of 500 people standing on the sidewalk in front of your house, dropping cups & bottles and pissing in your bushes, and keeping you from getting in or out of your place?

Huckingfellers - Good show of ignorance. You hanging with Pat Robertson or something?
BTW: Nice handle; for a male prostitute on the Mississippi River. (Say your handle 10 times real quick, if you don't get it.)
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LMAO, I dont get it Dino ? Take it easy it was a joke. Like you dont already know that half the world thinks SF is Gay capital of the world. (LOL) And Spindrift how did you know I was a Ranger? Unless you know what Sua Sponte is??
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Well that is about as gay as half the residents of SF

You must always add " (not that there's anything wrong with that...: ) " to lines like this.
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Dude, you're a bigot and you don't have a clue that you are one. You've now followed up a bad joke with another derisive comment. Sad.

#uckingfellers - what does it look like that says? Ironic, no?
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