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Originally Posted by Noodler
It's just not computing for me. Maybe I'm a bit "fanatical", but my hand tuning usually takes at least 3-4 hours (sometimes even longer) to do a complete tune and wax for both skis. Given that the market price for a hand tune typically isn't above $50, we're talking about $10+/hour. Even if you could find customers willing to pay $100 it could be $25/hour, but for $100 I sure would want you to spend more than 2 hours per ski! If you're the only one doing the tunes then you'd have to work 12+ hour days just to make $150-$300 per day.

I'm glad you enjoy tuning skis, but as a money making proposition I don't think it would "pay off".

Thanks for the input Noodle. I am not too worried about all that. As a shop that would concentrate on stellar tuning. I would not be only hand tunes. There has to be a product to suit as many customers as possible. Of course I am not going to make money on only hand tunes. My specialty will be large repairs and hand tunes with probably overnight service on machine repairs. Retail would have to be involved. I am glad I enjoy tuning and repairs also and so will the customer. Anyone that opens their own business must expect to be there at least 12+ hours a day when they first open. There are many, many customers that will throw down $100 on a awesome tune, but my price would be based on the market of the area and then reduced quite reasonably. Think of the bigger picture, noodles, ya know, outside of the box!