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Dolomite Sintesi 7.5

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I was just wondering if anyone has owns or has used the Dolomite Sintesi 7.5 ski boots before. What level are they for? Some have told me advanced/expert and others have said it is an intermediate boot. Any reviews would be welcome, especially since I couldn't find any.
Thanks for any help.
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I've skied on these boots, and own a pair of the stiffer ones, and I wouldn't call that particular model "advanced". But it is a bit funky, with its 5 buckles, that are intended to provide a snug heel fit. It does provide some extra backfoot control in that sense but pulls your foot backward a smidge as you lean forward so youlose the control of the forefoot a little bit. Kinda steer with your ankles....wierd....but I prefer that to a loose ankle fit - - - which I have had on alot of other boots at the time I bought them. It best fits people (like me), with a wide, low arched, foot.
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