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Suface Rust on Edges

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Anyone have some idea's on how to keep rust to a minimum? When I return from a ski trip I dry off each ski with a t-shirt and hang in a rack.which is in a temp controlled inviroment about 55 deg.I still get some corrosion, not pitting or anyting just slight surface rust. I can lean this rust off with a scotch brite pad. But would like to know if there is something I could do to stop even this rusting? Let me know Thank's.

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Drying them off is the best preventive medecine.
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toko makes a marker pen tube that coats the edges with a chemical that displaces water and seals the edges from the air. Does a great job of stopping rust.
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Right after skiing (before you put your skis in the car) take a bar of the cheapest wax you can find and run it along the edges a couple of times.

If you transport your skis on a roof-rack without a ski-bag (preferably water-proof one), god help you.


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Thank's for the info guys, I'm heading to the slopes now. I know what you mean on the ski's on the roof! Mine will never be exsposed., they are inside of a car top carrier. But drying them before I put them in sounds like a good idea, and I'll look into the wax or solution. thank's again, It's slope time.
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