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new look/rossi design?

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anyone here know anything about the new look/rossi bindings? need to pick up a pair and dont know if i want to go with the new design or stick with the p12s
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Ya know tonyjerry i was gonna post a similair post myself till I seen this.

I need to get a pair of new bindings for my Dyanastar Legend 8000s for the coming winter. I am definately going with Look /Rossignol bindings but I dont know much on the new PX bindings. I know the look p12 or 14 are a good proven binding with the pivot heel.

Give us some info on the new PX style bindings, I know we have some gear gurus in here who really know thier sheet. Lay it on us please!
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There have been at least two major threads covering this. Someone might have the links.

This should be from one of them:
maybe from
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Actually saw quite a few of tehm on the slopes last season...all on Rossi/Dynastar sponsored riders (racers & free skiers).

The bacis Idea was to update te heel. The heel had 2 issues to watch out for. First, It could jam w/ snow on the sides or more likely it could jam & displace the plastic on the inside while using a tuning vise or boot. This was only an issue for me on one pair of skis ; I tried the swix vise & things popped out & needed to be fixed w/ the plastic forward pressure piece on the heel
Second the heel only had so much travel to adjust to a wide range of boots. This was not ever an issue b/c I'm done growing & a ski snob who does not share equipt.

Neither of these things is a real issue for the upper level skier on this forum. The new design claims to couple the heel better & has more travel to adjust. This should help shop folks & online retailers b/c it will be easier to mount/adjust & will not jam a easily. This system is not as easy but closer to how the marker does on size mounting.

I am really on the fence too here, we have about 8 sets now of pivots in the house. I have my 2 new skis that need to be mounted this season...I think I go w/ the pivot 14s again & give the PX seires a serous season of consumer abuse.
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But, irip, the new heels are not pivots any more, right?
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Nope, they are not.
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