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North Lake Tahoe - Ski Instruction

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We are taking two of our Grandchildren to North Lake Tahoe between Christmas and New Years this year. They are 9 & 11 and have never skied. Which Ski Area would be the best to take them to learn how to ski?
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Boreal is small and kid friendly.Sugar Bowl has an excelent ski school and excelent ski instructors. I would suggest Sugar Bowl. I haven't taken instruction at the other North shore resorts. I bet others have.
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kemp at northstar is a great instructor
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Northstar is known as the family-/kid-friendly mountain in that area.
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I second the choice of Kemp, if you can get him. Likely busy, never hurts to ask.

Northstar has the nickname Flatstar so the terrain should be suitable. Can't speak from experience...the nickname was a deterrent.
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Any of Northstar, Diamond Peak or Mount Rose, in my view.

Northstar skiing is some distance from parking. You have to park, walk, then get a gondola up the mountain. There is a lot of easy terrain once you get there.

The other two, in my experience, on a quiet day (we have only been there late season), you park, walk a short distance and you are on snow and near lifts.

Northstar is bigger than the other two but either of the others will have enough to keep complete beginners quite happy.

If you are looking to compromise between somewhere for the kids and somewhere for the more experienced skier, Mount Rose may be it.

I cant speak for the ski tuition at any of them as we never took lessons
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I would NEVER take my kids to Northstar. The parking lots are way to far from the lifts compared to nearly every resort I've been to in this area.
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Jim, you got kids that ski??? with you?:

Not a problem. Pay a few bucks extra for priority parking or use the tram that runs through the parking lot and deposits you right at the ticket counter. Also, Northstar just completed village construction, and a high speed quad so you can get to mid-mountain without taking the gondolas. Something for everyone. Steep stuff on Lookout Mtn or backside, abundant groomed intermediate terrain and a large beginner area. I think many Tahoe areas can meet your needs, and children's programs are at Heavenly, Northstar, Sierra, Sugar Bowl, and less notably at Rose, Homewood, Kirkwood and other areas. But to say "I would never take my kids to Northstar"? Thats nuts. Its a large full service area with a reputation for dealing with kids. Been there. The kids and I managed to survive the inconvenient construction. Things are getting better.
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I got two, 11 and 14.

I will admit I was at Flatstar when they were doing construction. Still, with Squaw only 10 more minutes away......
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Just giving you a hard time Jim. I used to take the kids to Sierra and Northstar because of convenience and cost. Lets face it, Squaw is really expensive, and for me, distant. This cost, would not be as noticeable on a vacation trip. Besides, if I was at Squaw, I would be totally focused on the skiing, and ignore the kids. Its just too good.
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LOL. My kids will board the easy runs at Granite Chief while I do the more inspiring terrain.

Squaw is pricey. For me its 40-45 minutes away but worth it. And they have one of the best sushi restaurants I've ever been too.

Also, after flying cross country to Aspen for over ten years and paying their prices anything is better.
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