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gear loyalty, are you a follower?

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i'm just wondering how many people here are loyal fans of a chosen brand.

eg, you use salomon boots + skis + helmet etcetc...
or you have tecnica boots and drive volkl skis etc

just curious =P
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Mmmmm, I'll have to think hard on this one.
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Used to be a Volkl guy, then I started demoing when in the market for new skis and realized brand loyalty only benefits the brand. I now pick the best ski for me regardless of brand. My current skis are Rossis & Head. I have no idea what my next ones will be.
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I had 359% loyalty to Volant/Salomon/Raichle for 10+ years..all that changed last year.
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I am very loyal to Salomon boots because the fit my feet best. I've tried on others, but the shape just doesn't work for me.

I will go with whatever ski I like best. Right now I like my K2s. Next purchase may be something different.
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I love the SALE brand for clothing...
I love the FIT brand for boots...
For skis, that's a bit more complicated... I have a few favorite brands.
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I'm not loyal but I do find patterns in my buying. Since the mid-90s I've been on Nordica boots because they fit me so well right off the shelf. I used to be loyal to Kastle with an occasional Dynastar or Rossignol ski but since the late 90s I've been mainly on Salomon and Dynastar skis.
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I'm loyal to North Face.
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No brand loyalty here, though I am fond of Kästle (defunct ) and Fischer. I will buy what works the best for me.
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Partially, yes. Where boots and bindings are concerned, I don't care. As long as the boots fit comfortably and perform well, I'm happy with them. Skis however, are a different story. Living in the midwest, far removed from any real ski hills (we've got a couple of 300ft verts in Indiana, but Wisconsin offers the nearest 'decent' skiing), I don't have a lot of opportunities to demo a lot of different gear. That said, I chose Atomic skis due to their success in the World Cup and Olympics. I know what I'm getting out of an Atomic carving ski. When I leave the midwest for higher elevations and more varied snow conditions, it will make more sense to start sampling different ski brands and ski types.
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I love my Fischers (just skis). I switch around between boot and binding brands. I used to be an Atomic guy but now wont ski on anything besides Fischers (maybe Volkls).
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I always seem to find myself in Lange boots. Regarding skis, right now, I own Volkls, exclusively; however, in the recent past, I have also owned Atomics (R:11.20 and Big Daddys). I think LOOK bindings are the finest on the market and I have them on my Explosivs and AX4s, but there are Marker Pistons on my 6*.
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I'm an Atomic man. Have been since I tried the new, shaped skis.

I was thinking about jumping ship last year in favor of something wider underfoot, and B-O-O-M ! ! I heard about the Metrons. I'm still hooked.

This year, its the Izor.

I try other skis, and I haven't found any that I like better yet.

Pretty partial to Salomon boots. Giro helmets, too.

I have to admit that my access to equipment is somewhat limited. I always kid my buddy that I'm the only reason that he still carries Atomic.
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Last 3 everythings were:

Boots: Lange, Technica, Nordica
Ski's: Rossignal, Volkl, Head
Bindings: Marker, Marker, Tyrolia
Poles:Too old to name, Can't remember, and whatever I won at ETU #1 (tee hee)
Helmet; Only had one -- since the crash I can't remember what brand it is!

I guess I am not loyal---huh?
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I'm not sure I'd call it loyalty, if that was all there was to it, I'd be called volantloyalist.

I had no opinion of Volants at all before I skied them, I'd read a lot of good things about them though. Once I'd skied them a bit, I found that the feel they had suited my preference to the extent that, once fused with my tendency to collect things, and the fact that they have been available at prices disproportionately low to their performance, it became somewhat of an addiction, but one based in practicality. If they hadn't been available inexpensively I would never have bought them.
That said, I would mention that my bindings include Looks, Salomons, Markers, and Atomics, and I bought my Raichle's because they were far and away the best bargain (price and fit) available.
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I am loyal, but only in the sense that I will remain loyal to a brand until something comes along that suits my skiing better than what I am currently on. I ski on what works for me at any given time. I currently ski on all Nordica essentially, but in a season or two, if I find something that I am more comfortable on I will go that route. I am loyal to Karbon jackets though - I ski in only Karbon coats, training shorts, and new this season pants. They seem to hold up the best to gate bashing.
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I am loyal to Tecnica. But if the new stuff is better i will switch to another brand. This year i have nothing to worry about because Tecnica's top end race boots are some of the best. Same goes for Marker and Volkl. I would buy the Race Tiger SL WC but i have to go with Rossi But they changed the 9S for the coming season and it seems it is going to be very good.
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As far as loyalty..I have learned "never to say never" There are skis that I ended up loving after I swore I would never ski that brand.
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Yes, to a large extent. I look for gear brands that are of high quality and relatively bombproof and pretty much stick with them. I will admit that there is also some sentimentality involved, especially with my Kneissl nee Raichle Flexons.
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I´m still waiting for a full sponsor enabling to be fully loyal.
The bas***d somehow doesn´t appear.
Which is to blame for the sad fact I have to be a gear whore.
Otoh, if you can choose a suitable racestock ski and have a good bootfitter working on your plug there´s not so much difference for the skiing on the level I am.
The only loayalty are VIST plates.
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We all tend to like the feel of one brand of ski or another and I think the feel is what I am more loyal to. That said, I love my Heads but used to love the feel of Volkls.

Shells and pants- Arc' Teryx, they just fit me perfectly, work well and actually honor their warrenty. I do have a Kjus jacket I got at 40% off last season that is very cool and great for a tech-head. It has gel pockets inside the jacket that heat up or cool down over critical areas of your body. Has other great techie stuff too.

Boots- no loyalty although I am still improving in my skill levels so I seem to have different needs and appreciate different features/characteristics. Bought "the Beasts" last season and love the stiffness and overall performance but who knows in 5 years. I guess fit is the most critical part.

Helmet, the Fuse fits my weird- sized head perfectly.
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I'm loyal to the best I can (or sometimes can't) afford.
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I've never had the same brand of skis as I owned before, but now that I have the K@ XP's, the next brand could very well be K2 again.

My feet fit the best in Raichles I guess...too bad they don't make them anymore. Currently I have Salomons but am not in a rush to got through boot-buying hell again. It took me almost two full seasons to get these right and now of course I am dealing with the packed-out issues of a six or seven year old boot. I won't replace them until they break, but then what? AAAGGGHHH!

I am definitely a loyalist to Salomon bindings because they were the first step in binding I owned and just that step-in improved my day so much (I was still at the frequently falling stage of things back then) that I feel I owe them that.
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i dont know what i'm loyal to, but i just bought some tecnica boots, and i want to buy a pair of volkl. i've only skied on rossi and salomon skis.
i wear oakley shell and stryke pants.
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