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Used Ski tuning gear

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Ok just got a call from my ski tuning employer last winter and they are getting out of the ski business. They offered me the machines, if interested just need to make an offer and the new owner is going to let them go real cheap... (he's got tons of $$ and really wants the room more then the $$)

So they have two edgers and two base/stone grinding machines.. The spare machines have been used as parts for the two good operating machines. I don't remember what brand they were unfortunately and don't know their age. If I had to guess maybe 10 yrs old for all the machines. I need help coming up w/ a reasonable offer and two I need to know how expensive it would be for me to open just a tuning shop... I know I'd need insurance and then just a place to set up and call home.. would it be worth it? I know last yr I did a poop load of tunes at 20 bucks a whack, which is also the cheapest tune in the area.

I need opinions from you shop owners.. I want to hear the bad more then the good.. so let me have it.

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How many shops currently operate as "tuning only?"
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RThats how I got my tuning machines. FWIW, I paid about $400 (plus $500 shipping) for a Montana GM-U.. Also, make sure of the power requirements of the machine. Is it 110? 220? 220/3 phase? make sure you have enough power to support it.

I do it for the love, not the $$. If you want to talk more about it...PM me, I have some ideas.
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I currently live in Burlington Vermont... I can think of only three shops that do tunes in a 20 mile radius.. Then of course there are more the closer you get to the mtns.
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