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Identify this boot

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Can anyone tell me what year this Salomon X Wave boot was introduced?
I found it for a good price on Sierra Trading Post and would like to find reviews, but I need the year. Also, any feedback on the boot is welcome.,0&op_shar pen=1&resMode=bicub&op_usm=1.0,0.75,0.0,0&iccEmbed =0
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I have this boot: X-wave 9. It looks like it has the exact graphics mine has, so that would make it an 02/03 boot. I got mine in Jan 03. I don't know what year it was introduced, though. I think it had the same colors for several years.

I love them. Fits my feet perfect. I have a custom footbed, but it didn't need any other modifications. I consider it a good advanced boot.
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X-Wave 9.0, 2002/2003, ref. code 882646
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Thanks guys.
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Originally Posted by cbgarrett
I think it had the same colors for several years.
That color of buckles (blue & gold) and of the visible part of the liner was in 2002/2003 only.
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The only identifying I can do is say that it is a right boot.
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I've got this boot (Feb 2002) and had it altered all over the place (at a cost of three times the original price!). It's great if you've got normal feet but if you're wide at the toe and calf be very careful.

The advice I've had is to admit defeat and go for a technica B10/11 this year but the best of luck to you.


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