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Twisted Feet

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Hi all,
I'm a relatively new skier-- been doing it about two years and really got a taste for it last season when I progressed a ton and since winter all I've done is think about skiing. I think my friends are getting a little wierded out by it. :

Anyway, I have what I'd call twisted feet. Basically, my ankles are attached at an angle, so rather than pointing straight, my feet are about 75 degrees apart. I don't think this is the same as bow-legged as my knees pretty much point straight. Is this a problem with skiing? Is this the type of thing where eventually I will have some major injury because of this? I've never been able to wedge, since my feet won't bend that much, but I don't have too much of a problem keeping them straight enough to ski all day (and skating comes naturally ).

Does anybody have this condition or know anything about it?

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mdob, welcome to EpicSki. Your first post did not go too far, and sometimes you just have to insist. Use the search function at the top of the page and use the keyword "pronate" or "pronation". There are many threads on the effect of this on boot fitting, ski technique and who knows what else. After you look at the existing material, I hope you will post back with any other questions, or participate on those existing topics.
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Screwy feet / stance can be a major problem to progressing in your skiing. I know- I have a similar problem. I strongly recommend a visit to a really expert bootfitter (the 3 that I have had great experience with are Jeff Bergeron in Breckenridge, Steve Bagely in Snowbird, and Bud Heishman in Tahoe- look on this site for more recommendations). The new version of the Fischer boots, I am told, may help you to address this problem, but you should start with the bootfitter first- you will need canting, footbeds, etc, and it will make an incredible difference in your skiing. Worth every penny.
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