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What length legend 8000

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So I'm looking at last year's model 8000, and unfortunately I didn't have an opportunity to demo them, but I'm pretty confident that they're going to be the ski for me. That, and I know that the deals are coming up now and will likely be gone by the time I can demo them - so, it's kind of a question of buy now, get a good deal and take a small chance (I feel it's a pretty slim chance) that the skis aren't right, or know they're right once I can demo them, but have to pay more because the deals are gone...

Anyway, I can't decide between the 178 or the 184 lengths.

I'm 5'11.5" (usually say 6' ), about 190, 30 years old.
I'm not sure how to describe my level of skiing, looking at the definitions on another thread probably an 8 or 9.
I live for moguls, except my knees don't do very well if I ski them all day, in fact, I can usually only ski them half a day at most, and then turn to other stuff, but still mixing in a few mogul runs when I feel like the general soreness isn't too bad. I generally don't like groomers. I'm also not really avid about skiing really steep runs (although I love Palavacini at A-Basin - go figure), instead preferring to spend most of my time on the moderately pitched double black or black runs.

I'm also not a very speedy skier, flying down the mountain as fast as I can stopped appealing to me sometime shortly after college (interestingly enough, that loss of appeal corresponded to consecutive years with substantial surgeries - one back surgery (from a basketball injury) and one shoulder injury (from a nasty fall at A-Basin, a fall that happened because I didn't realize how extensive the nerve damage was from the back injury, and I couldn't hold that edge like I used to could (but I can again now - important: do your rehab! )). Basically, what I'm saying here is that I don't want a ski that needs a lot of speed to be happy.

Here's my dillema: if it weren't for people saying that the L8000 skis long (or short, can't get the terms straight), and so a 184 should be considered by people who wouldn't normally consider it, I would go with the 178 without a second thought. Right now for my "all mountain ski" I'm on X-Scream Pilot 9's at 180 - I hate them, they're heavy, I feel like I'm trying to turn a mac truck to get the tips around, and I feel like they're too long.

My other skis are the Dynastar Twisters at 168. I love them. If I could ski moguls all day long, I probably wouldn't own another ski. I can't . But I still want an all-mountain ski that will perform in the moguls - over the past few seasons I've learned that I hate an "all mountain" ski that won't perform in moguls - becuase it's a pain in rear to go to the bottom of the mountain to change skis to ski that nice little line you spotted on the chair up to the summit.

All of this (hating my current all mountain skis at 180, loving my mogul skis at 168, and not wanting to go fast to get the ski to perform) has me really worried about buying the 184's - but then that's what several people seem to be saying: to buy the L8000 in a longer length than you would normally ski.

So, given all of this: 178 or 184?

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Hmmm. I have said before you can go longer with the 8000s than you can with other skis, and if it weren't for your love of moguls and dislike of speed I would have definitely said go for the 184. I find mine really quick in short turns but NZ doesn't get moguls, so I don't feel qualified to say anything about that. The 184s will operate happily at any speed, but will give you the option to open them up a bit more if you choose to. So basically I am not sure which length you should go for either.
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184 if you're going to ski a lot of powder and deep crud. 178 if not.

Given your description of your skiing, I can't see that the extra length would buy you much except in deep snow.

Good luck with the decision.
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IMHO you should reconsider your decision not to demo. You say you 'hate' your current all mountain ski. At the risk of being presumputous, did you buy that one w/out demoing? You might save money in the long run by demoing the ski and making usre it is the right one for you and then not feel the need to replace it for a while. I don't mean to be preachy, honest! just that you might want to take a deep breath and think about it. You can still find deals on last year's skis on ebay, etc. after the season starts....
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i have 178's. personal specs are 6'1" 210 pound guy, 26 years old, loves natural snow and agressive skiing. especially since you are enjoy moguls, all the more reason to get the shorter size. unless you are looking at lots of deep powder (for which you'd be better off with the 8800 any ways), the 178 would be more likely to suit your needs from what you wrote.

"Length is critical; ski it shorter than the ego suggests!"
while that advice could lead some to go with a size too short for them, i think it's solid advice to take the shorter of the two options in your case.
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