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Techies: Please Help!

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Ok, here's the deal:

I have a pair of atomic 11.20s that i'm trying to salvage. one of the rear tips has begun to separate (peel away) from the core of the ski. (a result of some bonehead bangin' the rear tip on asphalt in an attempt to get snow/ice off of it before putting the skiis in the car). It's not delamination, it's worse. Anyway, any ideas on what sort of material/sticky substance i could use to "bond" the materials back together? Any advide, other than throwing the skiis away, is appreciated. thanks...biran
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I just got a pair of the 11.20's. I certainly hope they can take more punishment than that. This sounds like it's past the ability of a novice tech to repair. I know that in some circumstances lamination/separation problems can be repaired, but I think your best bet is to take them in to a shop for appraisal. How about Atomic. Have you contacted them?
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I know a ski tech who uses JB Weld to repair all kinds of nasty damage to skis. I used it successfully to repair an old Volant FX-3 where the steel cap was separating from the edge. This was under the binding where the ski didn't flex very much. I don't know how flexible the stuff is, but it did hold up well in that application.

Hope this helps.

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i'd have to see a picture to know exactly what you mean, though i have an idea. fortunately, it's not a crucial flex point on the ski, tho it is a heavy contact point... i don't think the ski could be made as strong as it was before the break, and it's likely that moisture will get at the core, but again, i'd have to see it.
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